Zoidscore has released few limited Zoids, but not the worth. The most beautiful item is without doubt the Zoidscore Box, limited to 10 000 unit, and which is one of the ultimate Zoids thing to have.


Genobreaker Jet Released in the begining of 2003, this black version of Genobreaker is the most beautiful version of this Zo´d. It is even possible to do the prototype version of Genosaurer with it (without the opening tail, of course). 3000 units done.
Heavy Arm Koening Wolf A blue version, with the two CP22 and 23, sold with a DVD. Released in 2003. 3000 units done.
Command Zo´ds It seems Zo´dscore has released some Command Zo´ds in 2003, but not much informations are known on them. Their colours are still undetermined, but it is known that they don't have stickers and painted parts like the Yujin. All the Attack Zoids were released, even those that weren't by Yujin in 2000. There is also Gorem and Battlerover.
Zo´dscore Box The big box, ultimate, with the reedition of the original Mammoth, the old comics, the Zo´ds Bible, the DVD clip... A must have to all Zo´ds fan! Some persons were wishing to see another Zo´d than Mammoth (Gilv... ?), but this box is still a very important piece.


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