Here are some sites I'm listing, speaking about Zoids. I probably forgot some other good ones, I will try to update this section the more often possible (I can't do it in one time). I place them here without any order, those are sites from friends, they also contain links sections better done than mine. Again, if you search good Zoids sites, go to Zoidfans.


Jerry Dreiss page Where all has begun. The sole site that was existing 8 years ago, where all the Zoidfans were gathering. It is from here that all the news where coming, and it is here that the discussion board was first created.
Daniel page From the Philippines, very complete, a beautiful presentation and very good customs.
Smeat A lot of photos of good models, some holotech customs interesting to see.
Phenotype page A lot of photos, news, customs, a forum... and even darthing contest.
Channel Zi Again a very complete Zoids site, with picture of old catalogs, pictures from the japanese original comics...
Tres page A lot of photos from his collection, and his very good customs.
Jeroen page Another complete site about the toy lines (Europe, Japan, USA) and very good customs with a review for each one.
Tom page A great Zoidfan with a very big collection. A complete site of all the Zo´ds lines, but all in German, you will need a translator.
Ironwing A Zoider from the early years.
Zo´ds in Black The discussion board about darthing and customizing Zoids.
Zo´ds market A discussion board to sell, buy and trade Zoids.
Zoid US A good collection, with a lot of photos of toys, all photos of the steps of building Zoids, and most of all several prototypes. Very interesting.
Creativeinsanity Tilly's site. A lot of photos of her collection, tons of review, and home made Zoids music clip. You need to see this.
Zoidspoison An excellent forum (and a good site too, with links to asian auctions), very friendly, you will be very well welcomed here.
Zoids Philippines Another good forum, from the Philippines.
Liger Striker Unit A site about Ligers.
Zoids Lair A good site about the video games, with illustrations.
Zoids.fr For the first time, a site in french, that is going to be a big one.


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