Most wanted :

Ultrasaurus Red

Blue Whelled Tank (not sure this one is existing...)

Gojulas MK2 LTD


Old line :

MZ Zatton

MZ Grantulla

Zebra red scorpion

Grade Up 5

Attack Zoid Tatoo

Attack Zoid Water Spider

Blue King Gojulas

Blue Slime (Robo Strux)

Blue Zray (Robo Strux)

Chompz (Robo Strux)

Gordox (Robo Strux)

Lidier box

Canon Fort box

Command Wolf MK2 box

Pull Back Garius

Pull Back Sinker

Pull back Zatton

Pull Back Barigator

Any Ghost Zoid

Some Zoids2 variants

Some Technozoids (Demon Lizard, Armored Gator, Battle Cougar, rares ones...)

New line :

Command Zoid Golgola

Little figure Bloody Demon

Constest prize chrome Blade Liger

Contest prize chrome Genosaurer

Contest prize CP17 - 20 -21

Zpoint white Redler

Zpoint Holotech Murasame Liger

CAS armor Buster Führer

CAS armor Falcon Liger

CAS armor Aero Liger

There are other things than can be added, Technozoid, Robo Strux, oddities, chromies, parts... Email to me if you have something that you don't want to keep.


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