Slitherzoid and Hellrunner with mat grey parts, instead of silver.


Hellrunner with black head.

Slitherzoid with a Holotech head, a rarity !

The blue bodied Sabre, never seen yet.

The two Aquazoid. The blue one is the variant, and the green the regular one.

A non-chromed Cruncher. This one could be a production mistake.

Two Tarantulon variants, with a grey canopy. The one with grey parts only have those parts repaint. It was yellow before.

This Tarantulon with brown canopy has really black parts instead of yellow. This one, like the repaint, has white caps. The caps could be white, grey or black.

The black Demon Lizard. This one could be seen oftenly with two pilots (like the regular one too), which means there is also a variant with the number of pilots.

Redwing with black body halves and mat grey parts. This one is existing in fact in four versions, because you can have mat grey with body black or grey, and silver grey with body black or grey.

Redhorn with mat grey guns.

There is several records reporting that some Zoids2 could come either with gold or silver pilots. here is an Ultrasaurus with gold mindrider. the regular one has silver.