Toy Dream Project


        Toy Dream Project released some Zoids on their own, with some good models. They most of all had the good idea to release 24scale Zoids (before the release of the Panzier Tier line), which are identical to the original japanese released.


Bloody Saurer Maybe the most beautiful version of this Zod, and the Toy Dream Project Zod the most hard to have. A vine red colour that fits very well on this Zod. Released in September 2002, limited to 3000 units.
Deathpion First 24scale reedition, limited to 6000 units. Identical (even the stickers) to the original one. Released in 2003.
Proto Gojulas Giga A good recolouration of this Zod, but which seems less interesting to the fans. Released in 2003, limited to 3000 units.
Neptune As Deathpion, identical to the original one. Released in 2004.
Battlerover Nothing to say more, instead that this one, as Neptune, is not released as a Panzier Tier. Released in summer 2004. Limited to 3000 units.
Darkhorn Annouced with a double gatling, it is finally the original Darkhorn that is released. Limited to 6000 units, released in summer 2004.
Jet Storm A black and purple version of Stromsworder, that was released before as a little Zod for Whale King. Released in the begining of 2005.
Iron Kong MK2 The reedition of the old one, identical, in the begining of 2005. 6000 units.
Shield Liger MK2 Same thing, identical too.
Great Sabre And Toy Dream Project finished to reissue the MK2 line with this one in August 2005.
Dead Border Another identical version to the original one, released in late 2005.
Hasbro Action Figures TDP released those five figures as a set, in 2005, limited to 1000 units. Those are red Zaber fang, Shadow Fox, Geno Breaker, Command Wolf RC and Holotech Liger Zero.
White Heads box set A box set with five of the first White Heads, the  greatest idea TDP had ! Released in June 2006, this box contains Tyrannazoid, Protozoid, Terrazoid, Aquazoid and in the begining Stegazoid, but it is in fact Spiderzoid. The number of units done is probably between 5000 and 6000.
Red mutant box set To follow the release of the five white heads, five red Zoids are announced : Spineback, Slither, Hellrunner, Zaton and Zunder. The five "small" red Zoids. For a long time, we thought this set was canceled, but in fact, it is going to be released as standard non-limited item.


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