This display is not important for the Zoids, but for the diorama : this one was used in 1997, when Zoids were shown and when we were wondering why, if there was plans for a Zoids come back. It was seen several times after.

The 1/6 scale Blox. Those two were seen in 2002, for the first presentation of the Blox. Impressive.



They were seen after, in other conventions, like Zoids exhibition 2003.



Zoids exhibition in 2003. There you can see a 1/24 scale Liger Zero and a 1/1 scale Zieg.

Seen also the first time at Zoids exhibition, an impressive one : the 1/1 scale Molga. A real size Zoid. Behind him, you can guess the shape of Seismosaurus, real size too.


A well known Zoids shop, in 2005, for the launch of the Genesis line. The 1/1 scale Molga is here, with the 1/6 scale Unenlagia and the 1/24 scale Liger Zero. But new things are seen too : 1/24 scale Murasame Liger and Bio Megaraptor.

Something more common, maybe a store display to play with the Zoids and see them move.

A hard paper panel, good looking.

    Convention display chromed Zoids. Those were used in Japan for Toy Fest, and were on display to attracted customers. I'm not sure how many were done, but very few. But it seems several are appearing, and maybe there is a new chrome production in Malaysia. Well, the fact that they are "dispaly" is a little strange, there's too much to be only store displays.




    Recently, in mid 2008, we saw Gojulas HT, the same that was released by TRU sold in a white box. This one was in fact used as store display in shops, like the pre-built Zoids, appart this one is unbuilt.