This one was appearing on one of the old drawing I did, and was supposed to be Agrion red countepart in the story. It is a mosquito type.

        It is supposed to be a little Zoid, like the old white heads, but it is a little more big, like a super Zoid. I had several ideas in mind to respect. First, this Zoid had to look like those that were seen in Europe in 1985-86, like Trooper, Zark and co. The choice of Zark head for him was obvious. It is not a Red Zoid like Spineback or Hellrunner, with more silver than red, and a clamshell head. It was supposed to have more red, and a head  closer to the old White Heads Zoids, something like Zark in fact.

        Another thing that was necessary, was the transluscent wings. As Agrion, this Zoid has transluscent parts, like several OER Zoids had in the past. In the original drawing, there was supposed to be four wings, but a real mosquito only has two (the two other are too small, I choose not to reproduce them on the toy).

        This Zoid had to look faster and more weaponry than Agrion, and in the same time, it was supposed to be thin, long, and fast. I also still had some old stickers from Reprolabels to use, and the "EMZ 46" one for him.

        This Zoid is a static figure, it was not possible to make this thing move, and keep the thin line I wanted to do. But I managed to make something move : the wings. They can retract and deploy, like a real mosquito. And there, you can appreciate their transparency.

        Now some steps of the building :

        Finding the parts was not easy. Not that I didn't have them, but finding the good part for the body wasn't simple. It has to respect a thin shape, with a head, a torso and a tail. I tryed several combinations, and I found this one. The choose of Zark head came right away to my mind, and I used a dead yellowed Spiderzoid for the head and legs attaches.

        The colouring. That was done fast. As again, there was only silver and dark rad, nothing else. Like Zark.

        Before the assembly of the wings. I had to cut a little part under the central legs, so they can all be put on the floor.

        Now the wings. All of this was created from nothing, appart plastic bits and painted rodo´de. Those wings had to be thin, curved, and were supposed to cover all the Zoid body when fold.

        And one last shot, with Agrion.



This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


        And where this Zoid was appearing. It was supposed to be more pink, but I choosed to keep the red colour of the old Red Mutants. The things that were kept : grey head, with a shape like Zark one's, red body, grey tail with red parts inside, the two missils on the back, and several other little things. Now, all those Zoids are existing as customs : Stegomya, Agrion, Nephrops and Ardeosaurus Red.


Now the story :

        For their first attack on Nemtu, the Red Zoids were needing surface machine. Kraken was rulling the seas, but on the surface, there was still a Blue Zoid, Agrion, that was not reachable by the sea Zoids. Then Stegomya was created, to be Agrion opponent. And it works, Stegomya was faster, with more firepower than the Blue Zoid, which was only an evolution of a White Head. Stegomya was destroyed during the massive Blue attack lead by NeoZilla on the red archipelago.

 The full story here.

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