Sea Spider is a very old concept, one of the very last of the drawings I made in 1991, and one I differed to make years after years before I thought I was ready able to make it.

        It is a Sea Spider, this animal. In my, mind, this Zoid was to be this animal, no other else. Most of all, it was supposed to be a Super 1000 ; bigger than the regular Zoids, like the Super Zoids.

        I managed to do movable claws, with a big one and a small one (like some crab species are done). The hard thing was to build a part to link the claw and the arm, all built from nothing. Those arms were the most difficult part to do, because actually, I had no idea how I will do that. The claws didn't have to be as thick and heavy than Zeherl or Zeherl MK2 ones. On the contrary, I wanted them thin, long, and articulated. On the other hand, the legs were the first parts I found : even some years ago, I knew that if one day, I was doing this Zoid, it will be with Mantazoid legs.

        Here, you can  see something that was important for me : the spines that can be seen everywhere on the body, and the back gun, that I did on the first (and only drawing) of this Zoids. Both were very important things I wanted to keep on the actual model. I found this back gun by chance : searching inside a lot of parts, I found this. And with one thing, and another on it, it works. It is the same thing for the body. I had fast the idea to use two Deathstinger armor. I managed to maintain them without glue, to remove the pilot, if necessary.

        And now, Kraken's Crab Army all complete, with Zeherl and Zeherl MK2. There we can see the red colour is not the same. I used a darker one, more purple. Because, first, the Super 1000 Zoids, in the OER line, had really different colours than the old Zoids like Hellcat, Znake and co, and also because this colour is maybe closer than the real red from the old OJR Zoids, like Iron Kong.

        And to finish, here is the first and only drawing of it, that was made in 1991, with Zeherl MK2 and Langosta on it. Now, all of this is complete.


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


The story :

        Sea Spider was one of the very first Zoid sent on Nemtu, to terrorize the see, aside with Kraken. He was not as heavy and strong than Zeherl MK2, but he was faster, and his claws were as fierce than the red crab. He was also able to leave the sea to be as deadly on the ground. Sea Spider was one of the rare Reds that survive to NeoZilla attack on the red archipelago. He became after one of Scaphites lieutenants.

The full story here.

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