An idea given to me by Tony Hunter (many thanks to him), when I compared two versions of Red Scavenger, putting them side by side. It is an Ammonita, a species called scaphites. It was not a thing difficult to do, appart that I wanted to have opening parts and articulations, to use the fact that the Scavenger shells can move, and to have something more than a static figure (because I was always after every gimmick the OER Zoids could have in the eighties, so this one needed to have something more than a common Zoid).

        The top of the Zoid. You can see the "EPZ 16" sticker (made in two parts, in two colours, I couldn't make another way), and some details added to the shell, like the spines, the top guns, and the little cabin at the back.

        The side parts, fixed on the caps, with torpedos inside.

        The top guns, that can move, used for the rear defense. I used Neo Blox attach to do that, that were fitting with the pegs of the guns.

        The rear cabin. I wanted to do something in the hole that is on the back shell. I had several ideas, an Attack Zoid, a retractable gun, or a second pilot. I choosed the last solution, but I had to do a canopy for this seat. I put a little gun under it, for his own defense. A thing that was seen on Kraken eyes too.

         I put rear thrushers on it, because thinking about it, there was nothing else to make him move. I wasn't seeing him swim with his tentacles, most of all when he is all closed, the better way to go fast inside the water.

        And now the most important thing, this Zoid can open, the head slide outside the shell, and the tentacles deploy and are all articulated. This was the thing I wanted to realize with this Zoid : two modes. A defense mode, or pursuit mode, all closed, with the tentacles inside the shell, and an attack mode, opened, all the tentacles outside. I didn't want the tentacles to be static, like what was done on Kraken. They are this time all articulated, and can retract inside the shell, protecting the the head by covering the hole left between the two Scavenger bodies. I used wire to make them, with wall plugs to cover.

        The tentacles before the head, to protect it. The head is not easy to see, even out of the shell. Most of all the red eyes are difficult to spot. Maybe I should have choosen green ones, but I wanted them red.

        A little animation to see how he opens : SEE HERE

        And this Zoid even has his own box (thanks to Grimm's excellent work !

        Now, some steps of the building, where the head can be seen more in details, and where you can see the wire before I made the tentacles.

        This Zoid doesn't come from a drawing, all was created during the building, I had nothing to follow, appart the ideas I had in my mind : the two shell stuck in one body, the retractable head and tentacles, something on the back like a mini-Zoid or a seat... It is in fact more simple to do than when I have a drawing to respect.


Now the story :

        Scaphites was created to replace Kraken, after he was destroyed by NeoZilla. A big sea Zoids was needed, as fast and dangerous than was Kraken. Scaphites was designed smaller, but with a harder shell, and tentacles as strong than the big squids, albe to rip up any Zoid. He became as fearsome than his ancestor, ruling the sea with his own army.

 The full story here.

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