Here is the prototypes section, but not all. I didn't put all the white prototypes that were made for a lot of Zoids. You will see prototypes of models never released, but also regular models with big diffrences with the prototype.

Prototype Molga The first molga didn't have the same shape for his rear antennaes, they were more curved.
Prototype Malder The first Malder had a grey head, like the small little red Zo´ds, and the neck piece was thiner. But the shell wasn't the same too : it has only two caps on the side instead of three, and there is a third opening part at the back of it (it is open on one of the photos). There was second mold for the prototype, but without the third opening part, and still with only two caps on the side. It is funny to notice that it is this Zo´d that is shown on his box, but with a red head. This second prototype was also seen in the 1985 Tomy catalog, but in purple. Now, which prototype was the first design...
Prototype Deathsaurer The first Deathsaurer, from the original line, had a grey tail instead of red, and had two sprues of gun instead of one. That was intersting to notice.
Prototype Bearfighter The first Bearfighter from the 1987 catalog shows us a Zo´d completly different than the toy released after. Only the colours are correct.
Prototype Sea Panther In the catalog, Sea Panther was vine red instead of bright, and has only one gun instead of two. A gun different from the one that was on the toy after.
Prototype Brachios It is seen in the comic, the colours were not the same at all.
Prototype Brachios MK2 As we can see, it has black transparent parts, and most of all, it has a gun on the belly that wasn't kept on the toy released.
Pull Back It is said in the section about the pull back, two of them were not released : Scarab and Hydrazo´d. If one day you see one, jump on it !
Prototype Genosaurer and Rev Rapter Those two are not all white prototype, and they are intersesting. The important thing is that the tail of Genosaurer can open, a thing that was not kept on the toy. The second important point is that those were the very first toys seen from the new release of 1999 that were not reeditions. No chance that we see them one time for sale.
Prototype flexible Liger X In the end of 2001, a flexible die cast Liger X was preview, like was released Liger Zero before. But it never came out. It is not sure that on the photo it is a flexible Zo´d, it could be a white normal Liger X. the difference can be seen on the tooth (3 for a normal Liger, 4 on a flexible).
Prototype Killer Dome Instead the fact that it is white, the first photo seen of Killer Dome shows different piner, and most of all a very different attach, that seems to be flexible.
Prototype Seismosaurus Well, it was seen at a show near the real Seismosaurus, it is coloured as a prototype, but one was sold on auction. So, some are in the nature.
Prototype Brastle Tiger There are some differences between the Brastel Tiger presented the first time (and seen on its box) and the toy. First, the black parts on the legs go all around it, and second, the tail is not in one piece, but red with black opening parts that are opening, like what is one the back. All of this wasn't kept.
Buster Liger This one was presented by Hasbro in 2004, but nothing else was seen after. It is a mix between Buster Eagle and Liger Zero, like were made after Phoenix Liger and Falcon Liger.
Iron Kong RC A prototype was shown of this Zo´d in 2002, which was developped the same time than the other cyberdrive Zo´ds. It was supposed to be released in spring 2003, but we are still waiting.
MegaDeathsaurer Supposed to be release in 2004, this one was only seen one time. It is a white version, with a special back part. Seen in a video game.
One Blox second wave Other Zoids One Blox were seen, but never released. The were Gojulas, Iron Kong, Gojulas Mariner, Iron Kong Yeti, Seismosaurus and Gairyuki. Other were preview too.
Baratz Vol2 A second wave of Baratz was supposed to be released, but it was canceled, two of them are going to appear as Custom Blox.
Ray Saurer Just before the release of Blox by Hasbro, under the name Zbuilder, a prototype of Ray Saurer was seen. It is as you can see a red Unenlagia with a Ray Saurer body.
Energy Zaber and other Hasbro prototypes Hasbro shew some prototype of new Zoids just before they stopped the releases in the USA (it was the same time that the black Seismosaurus was preview). The name of one, Energy Zaber, was known before, but none of those were released after (and after seeing them, that's not missing to us). Some can be the prototypes of Gravity Wolf, Energy Liger and Gravity Saurer, but those photos were seen after the releases of the Gravity Zoids. The last news about them is that Powermantis and Powermammoth were seen in a shop in UK in 2006 (see Hasbro section).
Power Kong The last prototype from Hasbro. This one was seen in 2005. It is better looking than the other prototypes.
Prototype Lance Tag There is a difference in the attach of the horns. On the grey prototype, the attach is in one piece with the horn and is maintain with a cap. It is seen on the other prototype photo in colour, where the attach is gold (instead of white in the production model) and molded with the horn. On the box, there is the same thing, but without the cap.
Prototype boxes Some NJR Zoids had special boxes when they were presented for the first time to public shows, a prototype box with only a drawing on it.
White Head Starrior In the White Heads line, a gravity Zoid was preview, it was seen in a japanese advert and in a Korean catalog. But it never reach production in Japan. It was seen after in the US as a Starrior : Strazor, with other colours. But it was produced in Korea, with the white head colours.
Plated Murasame Liger This one is supposed to be a test for the colours of the Zoid, from Tomy office.
RC Murasame A little version of Murasame Liger, like a One Blox, but which was supoosed to be infrared remote controlled. It is also a trial manufacture from Tomy, and was not supposed to be released.
Energy Zaber This one also comes from Tomy Office, and we beleive it could be a prototype for Energy Zaber.
NJR white Sinker This one was made to use the mold of the old Sinker, to see if it could be re-used. After, it was sold in 2005 on Yahoo Japan.
Prototype K÷ning Wolf CAS armor Seen as a drawing in 2002, it was shown at Wonder Fest 2004 in Japan. A lost project.
Shooting Star Same thing : seen as a drawing and as a prototype at Wonder Fest 2004. And never again after.
Prototype K÷ning Wolf The visor is not the same. The two white halves don't have the same shape, and there is not the upper black part.
Prototype K÷ning Wolf MK2 Fuzor A prototype or a test shot (but there is too much colours for a test shot). The colours change, and he doesn't have the metallic effect.
Prototype mecanism test Seen at the Zoids Museum in 2003, those mecanism were used to test the movment of some Zoids. You can see Iron Kong, Deathpion, Diablo Tiger, Genosaurer (with the parts of a Deadborder) and many others.
White prototype Koning Wolf and Dark Spinner Nothing really important, white coloured prototype, probably in resin.
Prototypes Insect  Some insect were seen as white prototype, one is it seems SS Zoids, another is bigger. Never released.
Prototype Bio Zoids Seen some month before the release of the first Bio Zoids : Bio Megaraptor. The game now is to find the little differences with the regular models.
Gravity Saix and Saurer Only the caps are changing, they were red on the prototypes.
Prototype Death Razer Appart from the colour (some parts are still white), we can see that the legs are not the same at all.
Purple and black Iron Kong, Malder and Sinker A purple Iron Kong was seen in the past, without knowing what it could be. There was a supposition that it could have been a shop exclusive item, but in fact no, it was the prototype (or a prototype). Those two page are taken from the 1985 Tomy shop catalog, and we can see that Iron Kong, Malder and Sinker were supposed to be black and purple, with red caps. The glasses were purple too. There is minor difference with the purple Iron Kong seen before (it had red canopy and grey battery cover instead of purple). One thing changing : Sinker doesn't have the same floats. We can also notice that Malder has the second mold prototype (the one with the grid on the back, without the third opening part but with only two side caps) but his front gun has TWO missils !
RZ 78 and RZ 79 Those two were listed on a japanese site some times ago, but nothing else was said (and where is the 77 ?). No name, no photo, nothing. A theory says that those two were released after in the Fuzor line.
NBZ 13-14-15-16 During the Neo Blox line, two prototype were shown : an alligator and a pterosaure. After the line was canceled, we learnt those two were not going to be released, and more, there was two others preview after, that didn't pass the drawing stage.
Gildragon test shot This one was sold on Yahoo Japan in june 2007, and is felt to be Gildragon test shot, the one that was done to see if the mold was able to be used. There was a story about the head having a problem. The strange thing are the orange transluscent parts, never seen elsewhere.
Prototype Kotobukiya Command Wolf All green, like was the prototype of LB Iron Kong MK2.
Prototype Kotobukiya Blade Liger Red, it could have been a good colour scheme.
Ghost test shot After a long research, those are not from the UK Ghost camapign, but are test shots.
Bio Diplodocus In the first shot of the Genesis story, a Bio Diplodocus was planed. Only a drawing is existing of it.You can also notice that the first drawings of the Bio Zoids were more mechanical, with less skeleton aspect.
Zoids2 test shots Those were seen on eby in 2008. The colour and the aspect make think about test shots.
Technozoid prototype boxes Those boxes, from an Armored Gator and a Demon Lizard, were seen on ebay in late 2008. It was said that the boxes were done with every paper sheet that can be found in the factory, to test the size of the boxes. Which was really strange to me, because the size of those boxes were already known from the OJR line. The only thing that can make think of a prototype, is the white motor of Armored Gator. 
Prototype Zark I was knowing this one for a loooong time, but it is only now that I take the time to do it. On his box art, Zark does not have the same tail end at all, and the part holding the wings are different too, with means the back part should have a different shape, because on the actual model, this back part maintain the holders of the wing in place. The funny thing is that the OJR Pteras does not have this variant at all.
Action Figures test shots Again from Hasbro.
Electronic Command Wolf test shot From the same origin than the two above. Enjoy the colour...
Crimson Horn The prototype was dark red, liek the old Red Zoids, and the brown parts were black. Some parts aren't coloured like the actual kit, like the hood ans the jaw.


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