Promotionnal, special ZoIds


        Here are listed models that are not limited (or sold as limited) but that are appart from the regular line (because they were sold as Gashapon for example), or because that not much thing is known about them, and they were seen one or two times.

Attack Zo´ds Sold in Singapour during the eighties. They were gift in candies. Some of them were reedited as limited Zoids by Yujin in 2000, called Command Zo´ds, and a second reedition came after by Zo´dscore in 2003. The Command Zo´ds also had among them a 72scale version of Battlerover and Gorem (which was also declined in red, as Golgola).
Rubber like Zo´ds A lot of those things were done in the original serie, by Futura or Kabaya. Some were the size of the Zo´ds that fit in Whale King, the other were bigger. But they all needed to be painted and built.
Pinball watch Zo´ds That's only for the fun. Some Zo´ds head were declined as pinball games that were put on a bracelet to wear them as watch.
Gashapon Blox More serious. Two serie of gashapon Blox were released, with two different colours of each Zo´ds. The first line was a butterfly, a legged-gun, and the big surprise : a flower ! The second line, better done, was a Geno, a Liger and a Snake, with a skeleton aspect.
MZ Two strange Zo´ds that can explode the prices on auctions. A red Zatton and a blue Grantulla. What is their origin ?
Pullback The little SD Zo´ds with pull-back engine, released in the begining of the serie in 1985. There are 14 of them, the Hydrazo´d and Scarab are prototype never released. There was an european release of pullback Zo´ds in 1994, under the name Zany. Those were more funny, with flashy colours and big eyes. Some bootlegs of those toys can also be found.
SD Zo´ds Four are know, here is the photo of too. Those are little representations of old Zo´ds, with wheels and a basic finishing.
Gashapon SD Zo´ds Those where sold in Gashapon capsules (but some were seen in boxes), and are looking like the Pullback, but with some differences. Some have the same shape, but others are models never released as Pullback (Gojulas, Gordos...)
Zebra Three rubber Zo´ds from the original serie, released in Japan in Zo´ds boxes. They were brand new design, and were pencil holder (pencil "Zo´ds" given with the toy). Intersting to see, and not bad looking.
ZRK + Gojulas box set This box set is from Taiwan, released around 1984. The two Zo´ds were sold together, with a diorama, and had different colours. We can notice that Gojulas has his japanese name and the ZRK his european name.
Zo´ds diorama crater I know, this is not a Zo´ds, but I love those things. In Europe, in 1985, you could order those dioramas from Tomy with points (like Z-points). Three shapes are known currently. The colour could be grey, black or brown. Those diorama are coming from an older toy line from Germany, that Tomy re-used for their campaign.
144scale Zo´ds Are they Zo´ds or bootleg ? The fact is that 144scale version fo Command Wolf, Reddra, Gunbluster and Black Rhinos are existing, half the size of the real ones.
Mail-in Bigasauru There is a very limited version of this Zo´d, as a mail-in item, that was seen one time on ebay. It was sold in a white box, and it seems identical to the regular one. I learnt that there was a little difference with the regular one (thanks Richard) : the guns are made of soft rubber like plastic, instead of hard.
1998 Darkhorn, Deadborder Those two were sold in 1998 at a convention as a test shot before the  re-release of 1999. The difference between them and the regular OJR are really thin : some little shade in the colours, the engien with only one battery and the pilote colour. A Deathsaurer was seen too at the same time, but nothing is sure about his membership to the same release.
Baratz Those can be seen as Attack Zoid Blox. It is six insects, one-Blox version, each existing in two colours. One was also release as a third colouring as Blitz Sworder. There are sold in a box containing 12 items, the Scarab is coming also in a transluscent version, which means that in the box, there is one other missing. The one missing is not the same each time.
White box store display Zoids Those Zoids belong to the new line. They are identical to the regular version, instead that they were sent to shop to be used as display, and were coming built in a white box (in fact,  I understood that they were allready built, but I'm not sure). They weren't for sale.


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