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            Here will be classified the Zoids I couldn't put elsewhere, and the CP that were released as limited items.


Toy's R Us Flexible Liger Box Set Sold in 2001, a box set containing the Flexible Liger Zero and his three CP. I beleive 10000 units were done.
Limited CP CP04...White
CP05...Gun Metal
CP06...Maroon (like NJR Storch)
CP07...Gun Metal
CP08...Tan (like Robostrux Gordox)
CP09...Blue (like NJR Pteras)
CP24...Gray with Blue caps
CP25...Maroon (like NJR Storch)
CP26...Blue (like NJR Pteras)  (thanks Bill)
Blox Limted Parts From part A to I, all holotech sprues from the Blox line. The G is one of the most search, the gun from Buster Eagle (which is also the sole non-holotech). Released in 2003-2004.
Transparent, Glow in the dark parts Two sprues from Blade Liger were made orange transparent, and the claw from Genobreaker were made glow in the dark. Released in 2000.
Golgola 72scale With the new release of Command Zods came Gorem at 72scale, and a red version exist too, representing the Zevle Golgola.
SRDX Cecilia long hair The same time than this character was released, another version, limited, was made. The hair changes, and are not attached. 1000 units done.
SRDX Kanon plain white Two versions of this character exist : the translucent and the plain white clothes. The plain white is the limited. 600 units done.
Holotech Sabre Tiger Many years after Hasbro release his Holotech Zaber Fang, Tomy did one too, but limited, in 2004. This Zod was very hard to find, but it seems a second release was made in late 2004, and it could be seen on ebay and in shop.
Blitz Hornet A little Blox, the size of an Attack Zod, sold with an issue of Denginki Hobby Magazine by the begining of 2004.
Blitz Haken The second little Blox from Dengenki Hobby, sold in september 2004.
Blitz Sworder The third Blox from Dengenki Hobby, sold in May 2005.
Toy's R Us USA Are those Zods limited ? The fact is that TRU USA released special Zods : Ultrasaurus larger than the normal one, Iron Kong, Genosaurer and the Yellow Lightning Saix with CP16.
Gashapon the one Blox The Zods one Blox first line was also released in Gashapon machines, with different colours. The special figure was also changed : it was Liger Zero instead of Darkhorn.
Brachio Toroise Tomy decided  to released Hasbro Zods in their line. in late 2004 was released in Japan this combination between Brachiozilla and Buster Tortoise, with colours a little different.
Fuzor Phoenix Liger Sold with the Reddler CP. Never seen yet. There is chance that it is a mistake, or a confusion with the Infinity Kanon Mirage Liger. 
RayKong A limited version of the Hasbro Zods Gorilla Tron, with a different shade of red. Released in begining 2005. 10000 were produced.
Command Striker HT Released in two parts : Command Wolf HT and Leostriker HT. A grey and red version, with translucent parts. Released in begining 2005. 10000 Leostriker HT were produced, but only 2000 or 3000 Command Wolf HT which make him more difficult to find.
TRU Gojulas MK2 Released in March 2005, a TRU reedition, nearly identical to the OJR one. Only the eye's colour change : red for this one instead of the old green.
TRU Murasame Liger A regular version sold with a character figure. There is little colour differences : the canopy is blue, and the colour is metalic.
Gold CP08 A CP released in late 2005, supposed to fit with Hayate Liger. It is not a chrome version.

 Rainbow Jerk Wind

A version with a CP, sold with a Kotona Elegance figure.
Lance Tag Break A version with a CP, sold with a Ree Mie figure. The prototype was blue in colour, but different from the Blue convention Lance Tag.
Gold Blox Shield Liger, Bladehawk and Sauro Knight Those can be won with a Zpoint campaign, with Zpoints from video games. Only 50 units done.
Bloody Demon This one was a custom shown in the Zoids Fan books, in 2000, and was released as a little Zoids (fitting in Whale King). Nothing known from which occasion.
Gorilla Tron Stinger Special A dryed yellow version, supposed to be a US shop special. It is an home made custom, now was it really used for a shop...?
Glow in the dark Murasame blade A special itam sold for the release of Murasame Liger.
Gold Liger Zero Nothing really known about it, instead that it is not a Leo Shop one, and that it could be a contest prize item.
Kotona Elegance A special resin kit, which was a mail-in item from Tateishi store, in 2006.
Black Rhimos white box Released in 2006, by Shogakukan. I don't know anything else about him, instead that it is identical to the Hasbro and Corocoro versions. A strange thing appeared recently, a Corocoro Rhimos (supoosed to be Corocoro) but with the white box of the Shogakukan.
Gojulas HT Released in October 2006 for the 15th anniversary of Toy's R Us in Japan. An all clear version, very good. 3000 units produced.
Aero Liger A resin CAS unit for Shield Liger to transform it in Aero Liger, a video game model. Released in 2006.
Miko Liger Nothing was known about it, appart that is was seen in Zoids Generation, and in Dengenki Hobby. It was discovered after that it was only a custom, and even if there was rumor of a release of it, it wasn't done.
Seismosaurus canon A resin kit of a big gun for Sissy, released at Wonder fest Summer 2008.
Reddler Blox Maybe it was released at Wonder Fest too, but this thing appeared on Yahoo Japan the same time.
Coca Cola PVC figure Seen in Japan, it seems some PVC figures were released as Coca Cola promotionnal items.


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