Tomy official limited Zoids



        Since the begining of the new japanese released there were limited Zods. The first of all were not the baddest, for they were Gojulas the Ogre and Iron Kong PK. After came some limited from the anime, before Tomy decided to do a limited line, numbered LTD01 to 14, with good models like Mirage Liger, Sturm Tyrann and Iron Kong Yeti.

Shield Liger DCS-J Released in summer 2000. A good black version of Sheild Liger MK2. A second release of it, probably in Singapour happened in september 2005, which made this Zoid easyer to find.
Gojulas the Ogre Reedition of the old Gojulas MK2 LTD, a very good new for all the fan, who couldn't afford to have the old one. Released the same time than Iron Kong PK and Shield Liger DCS-J.
Iron Kong PK Reedition of the old Iron Kong MK2 LTD, with a colour a little more... pink ? Well, a really good piece to have.
Rev Rapter Night Patrol Version Nothing is really known about this Zod. It was released in summer 2000, is purple and has a gold CP08 which is put on the right instead of left for a regular CP.
Red Gunsniper Naomi version Used by Naomi in the anime. But even in red, Gunsniper is ugly. Released in summer 2001.
Red Blade Liger Leon version Not to be mistaken with the Hasbro one. This one as metal parts and black legs. Released the same time than the Red Gunsniper.
Darkhorn This one was released in 2001, with the two red Zods above, and wear new Zods stickers. Not to be mistaken with the Toy Dream Project Darkhorn. One way to make the difference : the TDP is identical to the OJR and has a grey battery cover. This one is like the Hasbro and has a black battery cover.
Gojulas Mariner LTD01 The first limited from the Tomy official line, the line called "Yuji Kaida", who was the illustrator of the box. Each one was released at 5000 units. Released in late summer 2002, it is a Gojulas MK2 with blue tone colours.
Rokurou Molga LTD02 Released with Gojulas Mariner, a Molga with his CP and a colour... how can I say ? la Salvatore Dali?
Iron Kong Yeti LTD03 An Iron Kong MK2 with a grey-white colour and dark blue mecanism. Very good looking. Released for christmas 2002.
Greenhorn LTD04 An Helic version of Redhorn. Kaki-green in colour, it was announced with a CP12, but that wasn't kept on the final toy. Released with Iron Kong Yeti.
Mirage Liger LTD05 A white Blade Liger with CP12. Released in March 2003, and was sold out very fast.
Buster Tortoise LTD06 Blue Canon Tortoise with his CP. Another well coloured Zod. Released with Mirage Liger.
Sturm Tyrann LTD07 Here is maybe one of the most beautiful of this line. A Red Storm Fhrer, with a really good box art. This one has all to be one of the greatest Zods of the LTD part. Most of all, it is possible to do the Berserk Fhrer version : Berserk Tyrann.
Raven Raptor LTD08 Another Rev Rapter with his CP, but on the left side this time. Black grey in colours, not the better one done. Released the same time than Sturm Tyrann, in May 2003.
Canoneer Gordos LTD09 Gordos with blue colours and a CP, which has the particularity to have a sprue of the old Republic customize set, which is more and more difficult to find those days. Released in 2003.
Fire Fox LTD10 A good red version of Shadow Fox, with no addition on the Zod. released with Canoneer Gordos.
Salamander Bombvern LTD11 A blue Salamander, but light blue, with a CP (like always, two big gun as Buster Eagle). Another good Zod. Released in late 2003. The prototype was different, it has a colour scheme looking like wahat was done on Salamader F2.
Saint Gale LTD12 The same time than Salamander Bombvern came this grey and red version of this Zod. Is the colour good ? I can't tell, Lord Gale is too ugly, even with good colours.
Deathstinger ZS LTD13 Another well done Zod. Giving this Zod the colours of the old red Zods from the eighties was a really good idea. A must have ! Released in the begining of 2004.
Shadow Arms Lizard LTD14 Released with Deathstinger ZS. The colours are good (black and blue) but the good thing about this Zod is that it was given a CP : the gun pack from Canon Diver. More units were done for this one, which makes him easyer to find.
Asia Blade Liger Released only in Taiwan, a good black and green version of Blade Liger, which looks a little like the old Dark Zods. On the contrary to the other japanese Blade Ligers, it has plastic parts. Released in the begining of 2004.
Asia Canon Diver Release the same time and the same place than the Asia Blade Liger. Good too.
Blade Liger Black Impact The same Zod than the grey limited Blade Liger from Hasbro (instead of the colour of the feets), but this one was released in Japan in late 2004 with the line Zods fuzor.
Bio Megaraptor Glearmd Released in summer 2005, the first limited from the Genesis line. A glow in the dark version of Bio Megaraptor, with a character figure.
Bio Raptor Commander Type Released the same time than Bio Megaraptor Glearmd. The colours differs too.
Clear Holotech Murasame Liger A very beautiful version, which can only be obtain by buying the Genesis DVD box, released in 2005.
Clear Holotech Hayate Liger This one was sold with the second DVD box.
Clear Holotech Mugen Liger This one was sold with the third DVD box.
Clear Holotech Megaraptor This one could be obtain by buying the three DVD boxes, and sending the prouf of purchase toTomy.
Holotech Hayate Liger Released the 23/11/05, a very beautiful version, representing the transformation from Murasame to Hayate.
Kotobukiya Desert Liger Released just after the regular one, with the Dester colours, and two canopies : a green one and a white one that can be paint like you want. Was easy to find, which means there was a lot produced. It seems the HMM limited were released to more than 10000 units.
Kotobukiya Empire Command Wolf Released in summer 2007, a red version coloured like the Game Boy Command Wolf, but with the Irvine CP.
Kotobukiya Shield Liger MK2 Released in december 2007, another limited edition.
Kotobukiya Command Wolf AC Released in 2008, the back weapon pack was re-designed for this one.
Kotobukiya Blade Liger Leon Released in september 2008, red version with the CP 12 booster pack.

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