My idea was to do a White Head custom. I was needing Blue Zoids, because most of my customs are red, and something easy to do. All is made to be a White Head : simple shape and mecanism, more mechanical than animal, White Head colours, White Head name...

The story :

    When the Red Zoids of Serna attacked the first time, the first strike was in the sea. Only two little Blue Zoids were protecting the planet Nemtu : Agrion and Grantulla MK2. New Blues were needed. But before heavy armoured Zoids could be prepared, the Blue Zoidaryans had to face the threat fast, and an old White Head Conquistador Zoid
was reactivated to fight the new Reds : Octozoid. This Zoid sufficed a time, but was destroyed by the Red crustacean army of Kraken.

The full story here.

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