Here is Maruvian, a drawing that I never used, drawn only one time, and the custom was made only with this drawing. The idea was to make a mix between Zaton, Twin Horn and Black Rhinos. It has to be as big as Twin Horn, and wide, with the old red type of Zaton, and a back seat like Black Rhinos. I managed to do that.

The legs are from a Zunder (it is what was preview) with armored grey parts on them. The main body is a Zunder one, but the legs has to be intereverted (front to back, and vice versa) which means this Zoid can't move (the mecanism of Zunder can't make the legs move if they are in the wrong way). A lot of parts were added to make the Zoid look bigger and wider. It was supposed to have red grids on the side, I used Iron Kong body halves connectors for that.

Details on the head. On the drawing, Maruvian had a clamshell head, but upgraded, with addition in the shape. I try to do as possible like it was on the drawing. It is not as soft than it was preview, but it is good. You can also see the front of the back part, with a home made little red canopy.

Details on the back. Here you can see the second pilot, with a home made red glass, facing the back of the Zoid. It was easy to guess that this Black Rhinos armor part was the perfect part to fit here, I had to cut it to put the little front glass. The bad thing is that it can't open, the pilot is stuck inside. But we can see him.

There you can see the two pilot. It was before I stick the back part. The head can open too, it is fixed from under.

The 1998 drawing, the only one existing. I managed to stay as close of it, most of all in the overall shape, which was supposed to be big, massive, like a Kannon (what was called a "big super Zoid").

The story :

        One of the Zoids created by Zavenga. In the begining, the use of a Zoid like that could be questionnable on a planet of water like Nemtu. But the purpose of Maruvian was to be brought inside Blue cities, landed there and then destroy all that can be. His firepower and great strengh was very useful for that.

The full story here.

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