In 2007, strange chrome Zoids arrived from Malaysia. They were supposed to be store displays, or convention displays, but there was too much of them, and nvere one of them had been seen at a convention. What is sure is that each of them was made to 1 to 3 units.














        In April 2009, a Malaysian shop, Mechadioz, proposed other Chromes, King Gojulas chromes, and we learnt it was the same that made those previous chromies. For them, a special box was done, with special stickers, and even resin part to change the colour of the horn. Here is what was done : 15 Gold, 15 Silver, 10 Dark, 5 Blue, 5 Red.

        After, other Zoids were done by Mechadioz, Ice Gilvader and Fire Gilvader (5 units each), Orudios, Deathsaurer MK2, Ultrasaurus.

        This King Gojulas is a prototype, it is a one piece model that announce a new mold that will be done for the horn (Yamino Horn) and the chest. A review of this Zoids can be seen on Zoidspoison.


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