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        This section is maybe one of the most important of this site. First because it is here that will be classified Ultrasaurus Red, and second because it is here that we will see items absolutely unknown or very partially.

        The very first of all is Ultrasaurus Red, this Zoid deserve a special section, but there are others models, not supposed to be released, or myth models, like the blue Mammoth that belong here. 

        All the information written here come from talking with other fans or sellers. Maybe some will be totally silly. But as always, fell free to help me fill the gaps or complete some informations.


Ultrasaurus Red Well, all a page explains his story here.
Deathsaurus In UK, in 1987, a TV advert was showing Ultrasaurus Red. With him was seen a black Deathsaurer, coloured as Gore (maybe a Helic Deathsaurer). So this one too was maybe supposed to reach the european market. No photo found yet (the one of the link on the name is a custom). I learnt recently that around 20 items were produced as promotionnal items, seen in an all white box, like the Ghost Zoids.
Blue Mammoth

Another old legend. In UK, there has been for a long time a story about a toy for the blue Mammoth, before he becomes red. In the UK comics, Mammoth is in the begining a blue Zoid, there is even a drawing of it. He becomes red after. A lot of persons were telling having seen a blue Mammoth (it was normal, he was supposed to have been blue). This can be explained with a mistake done with the colour of the japanese Mammoth (black, green). In Europe, in 1985-86, there were several japanese Mammoth sold (in Belgium and Germany, there was a big stock, they can be easely reconized with their "5049/1" stickers on the box, in France, there was the green Mammoth...) and some mistake could have been done with it (most of all, on several photo, the black could become blue :  see this one). This Mammoth also appeared in German catalogs. It is now clear that the Blue Mammoth is this European version sold in a japanese box, with the 5049/1 sticker, coloured as the japanese, and having the instructions booklet telling "Zoids Mammoth Kit". It has another difference with the OJR Mammoth, an important one : it is made in Singapour instead of Japan, which means those Mammoth weren't imported ones, but a specify production for Europe. But there are still people telling having seen a blue coloured Mammoth, with white parts. Such a model was seen one time, in Japan (see the photo) but is it a real Zoid or a bootleg ? Even if this one exist, the real story of the European Blue Mammoth is now known. A new addition came recently : a OJR Mammoth was sold in France inside a OER red box ! Maybe it is a mistake in the production, maybe it is because Mammoth was supposed to be blue before. We don't know, but there is again a green OJR mammoth seen in Europe.

Power Zo´ds What are the Power Zoids doing here ? There are five Power Zoids, you can see them here. A legend about a sixth one appeared on the list Zoidfans some years ago. Someone claimed having a blue wheeled Tank, and this was logical that there was a Tank to go with the red-brown wheeled Serpent : three Serpent for only two Tank, there was a gap. So the legend began. there was even an auction were was listed a blue whelled Tank, but without photo. The wheels were supposed to be dark blue. Then began the problem. The auction was probably fake (I never recieved the Tank) and the person who told us that he had a blue Tank realized he made a mistake. So it is probably a legend, a model that has never existed, but that made talk a lot.
Technozoid Near the american releases of Technozo´ds, in 1994, there was also canadian releases. Some of them were only Zo´ds2 with TZ boxes, but the others were elusive : Doberman, Thunder Tritops, Venom Snake, Small Battlesaurus, Dragonfly, Super Zilla. But none were seen (most of all, Thunder Tritops was beleived to be another version of Mad Thunder). Only Dragonfly was seen one or two times, but it was also a zo´d from the Zo´ds2 (even if the colours are not exactly the sames). Those Technozo´ds were near to be forgotten, until we saw one on auction, a Venom Snake. A new addition to this list appeared in decemeber 2005, where a 1995 catalog was seen in an auction, showing those weird Technozoids. It is probably from there that those Technozoids were known, thanks to this catalog (Super Zilla was only the Zoids2 Zoidzilla), only the Small Battlesaurus remains unknown. There is maybe a second hypothese : those were seen at a toy show in 1995, and several were sold. It is the only reason why there could have been a Venom Snake in the nature, and maybe a Doberman too : a Zeekdober sold on ebay in August 2005 had the same colours, and was named as a "prototype". It was said to be repaint, but the colours are identical (thanks Tom for the photo). Some variants were spotted too : a Dragonfly with black part instead of orange, and a Demon Lizard with black tubes instead of grey. Needing confirmation.
Zo´ds2 Stegazo´d, Hydrazo´d and Trooperzo´d Yes, there can be elusive Zoids2, never seen in shop ! In fact, on several box of Zoids2, you can see sprues from Zoids (for example, on Cruncher box, there are sprues from Cruncher). But on the small wind up boxes, there are sprues from Stegazo´d, Hydrazo´d and the head of a Trooperzo´d (Trooper was also seen in a Zo´ds2 comics). But after looking at the photos, you can notice the colours are not chromed, and are identical to the original ones. Maybe those were planned.
White Gustav In all the old Zo´ds catalog, only one time we see the right Gustav. All the other times, it is white and dark blue, even in the old comics, it is white. Severals white models seems to exist, maybe you will find one someday.
Black Descat This one was seen on ebay in 2000. The seller told me it was not repaint. it was a black and grey version, with no red on it. I have no confirmation of that, and infortunatly, I didn't keep the photo.
Cheetah DPZ 26 This Zo´ds was created in 1997 as a CGI animation by Tomy, but was never made as a toy. It is interesting because at this time, everybody was wondering if Zo´ds will be released again or not. And everybody knows what happended after. And it is also the last Zo´d from the original line. I made a custom of this Zo´d.
Fangz This Robo Strux version of Shield Liger was an ellusive Zo´ds listed on a site without photo, until we saw one on ebay in november 2005. It is black/dark blue in colour.
Black Horn A bootleg, but an interesting one because the colours match very well with the blue OER giants Gore and Zabre. There is little differences in the mould of this one compared with the real Zoids : some additions in the body grid, ont the canopy grid, a little spine on the back gun, no peg on the rear seat to put the square gun. The only clear thing is that this Zoid is an old one, the engine has two batteries.
OER variants Commonly known as "Belgium variants", those Zoids are OER versions, but with minor differences between them, due to the factory that made tehm (Japan, Singapour). All the story is explain here. Thanks to Colin Wright and Tony Hunter (the specialist about this topic) and Andy for all those informations.
Non Chromed Red Horn Zoids2 I've been offered one day a Red Horn Zoids2, but that was a version without chrome. I never saw a photo of it. It is possible that it is a Zoids2 variant or a test shot.
Zoids2 variants Some variants in the Zoids 2 line can be found : black legged Helldigunner, black bodyed and mat grey legged Redwing, mat grey headed Hellrunner, black headed Hellrunner, mat grey Slitherzoid, two different Aquazoid (the UK regular geen and the blue variant), a mat grey Stego, same thing for Redhorn, grey canopy Tarantulon, black Cruncher. One of the most interesting is a Slitherzoid with a black Holotech clamhead. If you have one like that, you are lucky. Those were sold too, and were mostly found in Asia. They are all seen on the box art of the Zoids. On the other hand, Sabre is blue on his box, and not purple. But no blue one was seen yet. Two Stego variants were also recorded, a mat grey one (instead of the silver), and a metalic black one (instead of the regular black). A brown Redhorn was seen too, with mat grey parts. It is supposed that a Raptor variant may exist, but without possibility to confirm it. We were thinking that those variants were coming from a second run of Zoids2 in Asia, in 1998. Until we saw two other variants in a french catalog, from 1995 : a blue Tarantulon and a Hellrunner with a holotech head.
Non-LEO chromes Just before we learnt that LEO shop was making chromes, some were seen (all the same time), and are still unknown yet. Maybe there are contest prizes from the OJR line inside, maybe there are LEO tryes, maybe something else... All that we can say is that there are OJR and NJR inside.
Zenebas Helldigunner There is a very big possibility that this one is only a custom, but we don't know, and I'm after informations about it. It was sold on ebay, it is OJR, with OJR black parts, canopy, stickers, pilots (two pilots, when all the other versions have only one) with red parts identical to the red of the Brachios MK2 and Black Rhimos MK2. But this red is also the same than the Zoids2 Demon Lizard. The tube are not the regular ones, but metal coils identical to the one seen on Great Sabre. So there is a big chance that it is a custom, but we can also think of a prototype of a Zenebas Helldigunner, with the style and colour of the Zenebas Zoids of the same time (Great Sabre, Brachios MK2...) that Tomy transformed after in a Guylmos Zoid. 
White Evil Pegasus and other colours Why do I mention that ? Because on the Technozoid Battlesaurus box, we can see parts on sprues, that comes from an Evil pegasus. Those parts are grey-white (like Battlesaurus) instead of black. Maybe it was only a prototype. Other sprues could be seen, with other colours. A painted Evil Pegasus was sold on ebay, the same time than the Doberman. Maybe it was a painted prototype too. Blue parts are also seen on Evil Scorpion box. Maybe those were test shot.
Robo Strux Lizar This one was supposed to be seen on a Robo Strux booklet. It is Iguan, with the name Lizar written near him. Nothing more is known, appart that it is appering on some Robo Strux boxes (the ones with the OER style). As you can see, it is a Zillon, with the black and grey colours reversed. But you can't rely on those colours, for the box art had the OER colours scheme, but not the toys. In march 2009, we could see Lizar appearing a an old TV advert, with the same colour scheme. You can also see that his canopy seems orange, like Zillon.
Robo Strux Black Rado Seen on his box art. The toy is like the OER one, but on the back, it is black. Probably a prototype.
OJR Gordox It is a Gordox, but sold in Japan in an OJR box, with a special sticker on it to say that it is a special coloured version. I don't know for which occasion. The same thing was seen in France, with a green OJR Mammoth sold in a red OER box.
The Ghost Theory All that was seen and said about the Ghost Zoids.
Robo Strux Rado, Legz, Lizard and Beetro A 1986 ctalaog is showing those four strange Robo Strux. Legz is known, but there, it is couloured in a blue scheme (like Sekta, for example), and not in his OER colours. Same thing for Rado, who has the red/tan coulour scheme. Lizard is a common Zillon (the colours seen on another photo are reversed) and the new one is Beetro, which is a red/tan couloured Scarab.


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