An Attack Zoid custom ,and for the first time, a blue Zoid ! This one is a little bigger than a real Attack Zoid, like Seish (it is difficult to make a real Attack Zoid).

        I changed the colours, I prefer doing it black, keeping the old OER blue Zoid colour sheme, with a little orange glass. And I put a gold pilot, better looking.

        It is a shrimp type, so it can fold up, like a real one (very useful the Maccurtis tail !). It is the attack mode.

        A last thing, the canopy can open, and the pilot can be remove. This Zoid participated at the 2007 Zoidfans Command Zoids contest and finished 2nd.

The story :

        On Nemtu, the blue Zoidaryans had to react against the arrival of Kraken and his crab army, and built sea Zoids too to protect the islands. Khrill was one of those, the smallest one, oftenly used to spy the Red Zoids traveling in the seas.

The full story here.

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