A lot of Zoids from Hasbro were annouced in 2003, but with the suspension of the releases in 2004, those Zoids were supposed not to be seen. But some of them were launched in the nature, spread all around the world. We could see some on ebay from Hong Kong, probably taken from the factories, but in the Philippine too, in Canada, in Germany... Here is a list which tries to gather all those elusive Hasbro Zoids.

Jet Falcon Similar to the Fuzor Jet falcon, this one could be seen on ebay from Hong Kong. This Zoid, and some others that came after, were models taken from the factories before the production. Some were mass released after, other never. This one could after be easely found in UK.
Limited Blade Liger In Hong Kong too (only one was seen), this one was also seen on Hasbro site. It was released after as a Fuzor Zoid : Impact Liger. There is some little difference with Impact Liger : first, the feet are probably in plastic, and second, they are grey instead of gold for the Fuzor Zoid.
Leo Gator In Hong Kong too, with a very different colour scheme. It was also seen in the Philippines. He could be after easely found in UK.
Holotech Shield Liger Some were released in Canada and could be bought on ebay. It seems the models on catalogs had red legs instead of black (see photo).
Battle Rex An horrible ugly green version of Deadborder. Annouced by Hasbro, it was seen in Germany, but only two items, with a mold problem. Impossible to find now.
Canon Caesar An awful version of Godkaizer.
Houndsoldier Never seen, as Canon Caesar.
Dimetrodon A purple version of this Zoid (like the action figure) very good looking. Never seen.
Seismosaurus A black version similar to the Fuzor, was seen in the Philippines. After, some could be easely found in UK. There is actually a difference between the released version and the first one that was seen : on the first prototype, the red parts are bright, and more dark on the models that came after (it is even darker on the Fuzor). It was reported that at least three bright red Seismosaurus (prototype version) were sold in the world, maybe there is others.
Laserstorm and Scissorstorm Same thing than Seismosaurus instead that they weren't sold in UK, only in the Philippinnes. Some were also seen with "Tomy" boxes and not "Hasbro".
Holotech Liger Zero Annouced and seen only one time, in 2003 in Canada. One was on sale in a shop. An action figure was made.
Holotech Gunbluster Was seen as a show and that's all. Was also seen at Amazon, but it was the regular one that was sold. The interesting thing is that it is a better photo than the one of the convention.
Powermantis and Powermammoth Those Hasbro protoypes were seen in a UK shop in April 2006. Nothing is known about their release, if it is a test shot, some very few models that escape from the factory or something else. In December 2006, plenty of them are hitting the shelves in UK, it seems it could be a mass release, but they are seen in clearance in discount shop. We can still find some now.
Gravity Rex Another escape from the factory. This one was seen on a photo, which don't seem to be an official one, which means someone had the opportunity to buy one.
Shield Liger MK2 Seen in december 2006, the same time then the re-release of Power Mammoth and Mantis. It has the same colours than a Shield Liger MK2, without the CP. Very hard to find now.
Holotech Double Sworder I've heard about it, but it was a rumour, until I saw it at Zoidscorner. It is the sole item known.


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