Again an old drawing that comes to life. This was maybe not the most important of all, actually maybe the less important, but there was a special work on it. This Zoid was appearing on a drawing I made in 1991, aside with NeoZilla.

        The most of the work done was because the custom has to fit with the ZPH 2010 contest rules, where the custom created had to be like a real model, assembled and dissassembled if needed. So I had to create pegs for that, hole to fit, take care of the painting to prevent the pegs from beeing too fat, like what is happening with chrome Zoids... But this was a very funny challenge.

        In the begining, it was supposed to be a small Zoid, like the old white-heads, but a little improved. This is why I choosed colours looking like Trooperzoid and Scorpozoid (actually, the light blue was preview to be green, but I changed for light blue, to be closer to the old Super Zoids colours). And he became a Super Zoid, not a Small Zoid. It wasn't possible to keep it as a Small Zoid with his size, and the number of parts used for it.

        Now, something that wasn't expected at all. It was during a search between my custom parts, just before I began the building, I found those two missil launchers, and I asked myself why not putting them too ? If it was supposed to be a Super Zoid like the two first ones, Trooperzoid and Scorpozoid, he should have additionnal parts to customize him, like the extra sprue that was given with Trooper and Scorpo. So I built another back gun, and I also changed the tail, with a spine. I didn't change the head, because with the other type of head that was seen on the Super Zoid, it wasn't possible to put the guns on it.

        I choose to use an existing base, a Spiderzoid, because it was supposed to be a MK2 of this Zoid (what TT did with Grantulla Ex, but not the same way). Between the things that I had to keep from the drawing, the Zoid and the head had to be low, very low, looking more like a real spider than the old Spiderzoid. There was dark blue parts all around the body. For that, I had to hole several parts to make them fit on the place where the caps were supposed to go in the real Spider kit. There was also supposed to be two stings at the back of the Zoid, something seen on the drawing. For the body, it was supposed to be grey, with a shape looking like in one piece.

        And now, the extras :

This Zoid has a box and an instruction booklet, that this time, I designed myself.

         For the box, I used a Trooperzoid style, with the same reference and text. It is like a 1985 OER box. The front art was more simple to do that way, like an old white head box (which was done for Mantazoid). But the back is a battle scene like those that were seen on the OER boxes during 1985-1987. Those were the best boxes ever done.

        And for the instruction booklet :

        I respected the overall aspect of an OER booklet. But I didn't put drawings with parts put in colours and so, like the old booklets. Too long to do. I choose to illustrate it with photos of the building process. As you can see, it is a 1985 booklet, I kept the advert for the Zoizilla poster.

        Now some photos to see the parts. First the Zoid without paint. A good thing in this way of creating custom is that you can see it all built finished before painting it. I had problems with the neck. The sole parts that were fitting correctly here were the Spiderzoid guns. It was the most simple for me to use. So I had to work on them, to find a good attach for the head, and all of this with thinking that it was supposed to be dissassemble, and to be in two parts, like what could be found a a real model.

        And to finish, how the Zoid would have been on sprues. This was also something that makes me change a colour for a part. I the begining, the rear spine should have been light blue. But there, there wouldn't have been two identical light blue sprues, which wasn't possible in an OER Zoid.

        And the drawing where this Zoid comes from. It is the sole I made, and it is so small that there are probably some details I imagined in 1991 that I probably have forgotten now. It is the little thing at the right of NeoZilla...

        Now, everybody is done on this drawing : Hanech, NeoZilla and Grantulla MK2.


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


Now, the Story :

        Grantulla MK2 was one of the two Zoids that were in charge of Nemtu protection. They were living peacefully before that attack of the Red Zoids. Then, it became clear that this old white-head type Zoid was surclassed by the unknown Red Zoids, like were the white-heads in the past. So he was a little improved by the addition of new weapons. But without the creation of brand new and stronger Blue Zoid, he wouldn't have suffice to protect the planet. Grantulla MK2 didn't survive at the first ground attack of Ardeosaurus Red.


 The full story here.

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