Gorder was one of the first Zoids created by the new Red Empire, in replacement of Spineback. It is lighter than his predecessor, and most of all faster on the battlefield, which makes him a specialist of the fast strikes. A second Zoid of this type was preview after : Saren.

        There was not much work on this one (it was done in only few hours). The most work was on the tail, which had to be a double one (something I wanted to keep from the original drawing). The rest was very easy. Which is normal, because it is only a Spineback with modification in the story, so the custom was the same.


        And the drawing, very similar to the custom. This Zoid appears only in the begining of the story. He was based on Zoidstar, like Stundra, and was watching the dead planet. Even if it was fast and had a good firepower, he was destroyed by strange little beeings that were not Zoids.

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