The first time a Ghost was seen, it was an unknown model, supposely a de-chromed Zoids2. It was a Claw, written made in Thailand, like the Zoids2, but with a black body and grey legs.

   Then after, came the story of the contest in UK, where Ghost Zoids were prizes, and where nearly half of those special items were unknown. There were also chrome models that were named, but without anything seen. After, several were seen : Gojulas, Zabre, Krark, Zark. We even saw a box for them, all white, with only the "Tomy" red logo on them. But already, a strange item was spotted : a ghost customize set, something that wasn't supposed to exist in Europe.

   This could have been explained by the fact that this set was said to have been preview with the Zoids2 line, but then again, we are coming back to the Zoids2.

   So some voices claimed that those could be only de-chromed Zoids2. Several test were done. The colour under some Zoids2 was the same, but the results were not so good. Some chrome could stay, and the ghost effect, the transluscent colour, was not so obvious. And the plastic could be attacked by the chemical use to de-chrome. So making a Ghost from a Zoids2 seemed very difficult.

   During the same time, some Ghost were sold from there to there, always from UK, most of the time at incredible prices. We also saw one of the chrome-Ghost (let's call them like that, to prevent all mistake with the other chrome productions). A black bodied Krark, with gold wings, very similar to the Ghost Krark we saw, appart that for this last one, the wings were transluscent white.

    Then, the story was shaken by some unknown items sold on Yahoo Japan : a Ghost Zarwolf and a Ghost Scorpozoid. Those could have been some new Ghost that weren't known until then, but there was a problem : they were written "Made in China", like the NJR. And there was a very bigger problem : there was also a Ghost Hammerhead in the lot ! A NJR Zoid ! Then, it was obvious that those three weren't Ghost Zoids, but test shots. But now, why were they coloured exactly like Ghost Zoids, why did they have the same transluscent effect, and, in fact, the real question was : Why were the Ghost Zoids from UK coloured like the Zoids test shots ?

   The last hit to the contest prize theory was that in 2008, someone managed to de-chrome Zoids2 to obtain a real ghost effect, to obtain real Ghost Zoids.

        The last thing, is a prototype Zoidzilla foot, that is from a Zoids2, that arrived in my friend WIKD hands. And as you can see, it is a ghost part.

   Now, what I am thinking about that. It is my idea, my theory, it is not complete, there are still questions, but it is what was born from my deductions.

   The link with the Zoids2 is too important : Made in Thailand, most of the Ghost seen in UK are from the Zoids2 line, the green eyes of Zoidzilla like his Zoids2 variant... And most of all, the fact that under the chrome of the Zoids2, you have the same ghost colour, at the same place.

   Now, why are they coloured like test shots ? Because they are test shots. Test shots sent in UK as promotionnal items, or something else. I don't beleive in the contest theory, because we have no record about such a contest in UK, and something like that should have be seen or advert in several place. The only thing we have about it is a message on Phenotype forum, where all the story began. If a contest occured, it could have been only a little one, to have been so invisible, but in that case, why such rare Zoids were sent as prize ?

   But what is sure, is that test shots Zoids, probably from the Zoids2 line, were seen in UK as promotionnal items. Now, when were they released ? Probably just before the Zoids2. They are written "Thailand", so maybe a first bunch of production wasn't chromed, and became those Ghost. They also have OER stickers. If they had been released after the Zoids2 line, the stickers should have changed.

   Now, the chrome-Ghost. The only item known is a Krark, and, as a Salamander F2 owner, I can assure you that the wings have the same pale gold colour than the F2, a colour very particular to the OJR line. So the idea came to me that several wings from F2 could have been re-used for the UK Ghost Zoids in Europe. We could imagine in that case that the Ghost Krark we saw is a non-chrome F2.

   Now, why a Ghost Zark ? First, it is not sure that this Zark is a real Ghost, but it is another discussion. Now, we saw other Zoids that have nothing to do with the Ghost line were existing, so maybe this Zark  is one of them. And maybe it is one of them, used for the UK Ghost too. Every Zoids from the OER line could have been used as Ghost for the UK campaign, as long as test shots were done for him with this special transluscent colour. Now there is the problem that Zark wasn't part of the Zoids2 line.

   To resume, there were special Zoids released in UK between 1989 and 1994, named now Ghost Zoids, that are probably test shots from factories re-packaged and re-used as promotionnal items (now why...?). The contest theory seems very fragile, for nothing was seen to prove it. Those Zoids are still rare items, because as test shots, there was probably very few produced. But not the rarest of the history, because several were seen (around 15 in five years, compared to the TZ prototypes that were seen only two times) and the difference has to be made between the UK Ghost, and the test shots that could be coming from any Zoids. And most of all, they can be reproduced by using Zoids2, so now, made the difference between a real one, another test shot, or an home-made will be difficult.

   The official UK Ghost

   The Ghost test shot

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