eHobby Zoids


    In 2008, after the fusion Tommy Takara, ehobby released Zoids too, like what did for Transformers. The first were Dark Zoids, but after came others.


Dark Gator and Dark Molga Two beautiful versions of those Zoids, released by ehobby at Wonder Fest 2008.
Dark Malder After Dark Gator and Dark Molga, ehobby will release this one at a convention in Japan.
Dark Iguan and Twinhorn Two Zoids seen at wonder fest in august 2008.
Dark Wardick Released the 30 and 31august at 
Valuga and Dosgodos Two new Zoids that are already announced to be released as LTD.
Dark Merda Released in March 2009. He is B/O and can wear his two guns.
Dark Hellrunner It is not sure if it is limited or not, but this Dark Hellrunner will be released in march 2009. He is B/O, instead of wind-up, and can wear his two guns.
Dark Dimetrodon The first big dark Zoids releases by ehobby. Beautiful colour on this one. Released in summer 2009.


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