A display were could be put tons of boxes of Kabaya little Zoids, in store.

A store display, that could be seen in France in 1985. I remember seeing this one in a toy shop. There is also one from 1986 existing. Here are closer photos :

The ZRK and Mammoth fighting ! I was remembering it was against Redhorn, I was mistakening.

The Mighty Zoidzilla. 50 cm tall !

This one is from Genesis (thanks Jedi Bill).

This display was seen in Europe (at least in France and Italie) in 1994 in shops. This Sabre is mounted on a pedestal, and is not working on batteries but it has an electric cable (you can see it on his belly). I remember seeing it walking on his pedestal behind stores' windows. And I managed to grab one. The rest is identical with Sabre.

A second Zoids2 store display, again with Sabre. And it is this one that I saw in 1994, not the other.

My 1986 hard paper store display, in box. I didn't build it, it is easyer to store it like that, and it is brand new. If you want a photo of it built :

My last acquisitions, I didn't know they were released in France :