Since the year 2000 Corocoro has released LTD Zods. Those Zods were reeditions from the original line, but they were not released as new Zods. That made them very interesting for collectors. The funny thing is that Hasbro has after released them too, but as regular Zod. A lot of person were happy of this Hasbro idea. In september 2004, after four years without Corocoro Zods, a new one appeared : Transhawk.


Black Rhimos Released in July 2000, nearly the same time than Iron Kong PK and his friends. A reedition following the colours of the old Black Rhimos.
Metal Rhimos Released by the end of 2000. This grey version is very good looking.
Bearfighter Released in the begining of 2001, nearly identical to the original Bearfighter.
Transhawk Released in September 2004. A little Blox hawk that can become a head for the Tiger Zod line.
Gold and Silver Phoenix Liger Nothing known about it currently. It was annouced in the begining of 2005, but nothing else yet. It is maybe a mistake, or a confusion with the PS2 Koening Wolf.


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