Conventions Special Zoids


        A lot of recolourations of Zo´ds were sold at conventions and toy show, always in very few quantities (around hundreds of each). Those are oftenly better looking than the regular Zo´ds, and some can still be found currently.


Black Reddler Sold in 2000, maybe the most beautiful of all the convention Zo´ds made. Around 1000 units done.
Blue Command Wolf Sold with the Black Reddler, good too. Not ot be mistaken with the Game Boy blue Command Wolf, released nearly the same time. There was a second release of this Zoid in september 2005 (maybe in Singapour), when a lot of it were seen on ebay.
Gold Command Wolf Sold in september 2001 at a Taiwan convention. Only 120 unit exist, and it was made by LEO Shop.
LTD CP A1 A sprue from an unreleased CP. A recast was done some years later.
Clear Buster Eagle All clear, as an Holotech version. A must have, very beautiful. Sold at the convention Zoids exhibition in 2003.
Clear Lord Gale Well... There's no word to discrible... that ! Barbie Gale ? Sold at the convention Zoids exhibition in 2003.
SRDX limited swim suit characters Is there really a big interess in those things ? Anyway, a box set was sold of the three characters existing in swim suit, but limited with other colours. Sold in late 2003, at Zoids exhibition. I never saw it anywhere on sale, appart two times on Yahoo Japan. 
Zo´dscon2003 Guntiger Sold at the convention from the group Zo´dsfan in London in July 2003. Chromed made by LEO Shop.
Zo´dscon2004 Iguan Sold at the convention from the group Zo´dsfan in the US in July 2004. Chromed made by LEO Shop.
Whitz Tiger Imitate Released in 2004, at the Hobby Fair convention, a good orange version. Limited to 500 units only in Japan. But a second release was made in Singapour in late 2004, which made this Zo´d easyer to find.
White Zo´ds museum Those four Zo´ds were sold at the Museum of Tokyo, in March 2005.
Liger Zero Blue Souga A blue version released by Dengenki Hobby at a toy show in 2005 (1000 units). It is piloted by Midori, it can be customized with additionnal resin parts. Those part were released at 200 units, and could only be obtain by trading points in some japanese shops. A recast of those parts was done just after, non-official, and is now hard to find too. Another edition of the Blue Souga armor was released, in april 2006, which was a Tateishi store mail-in item, this time with the little Midori pilot.
Berserk FŘhrer special armor Was sold at a convention Wonderfest in 2006. Only the armor is sold to make a new version of Berserk FŘhrer (a resin armor), looking like Buster FŘhrer. It is called "mass production type".
Liger Zero Falcon special armor Maybe released at the same convention, a resin armor to do a special version of Liger Zero Falcon. It is also called "mass production type".
Blue Lance Tag The blue version of Lance Tag is finally released, at a convention, in 2006. Another "mass production type". I beleive there was something around 5000 units done.
Gold Grasshopper This Custom Blox was released as a gold version (not chrome) at a Toy Fair in 2006. It is a seventh Custom Blox, and it was sold with 4 others.
Gojulas Forest Version It is maybe a convention one. It is supposed to be sold the 19 and 20 of august. It is OJR like, with old stickers, and is colloured green-blue.
RezTiger The second Dengenki Hobby convention Zoid. Sold in August 2006. We first thought it was only Rez Wolf with additionnal parts, but it is in fact Rez Tiger that is released. The Dengenki Hobby Zoids are said to be released at 1000 units, but it is more probably 5000.
Sea Panther One Blox Supposed to be released at Wonder Fest 2006, in Speptember. Some were seen on Yahoo Japan, that were supposed to be resin prototypes. This one is seen on the link, and seems to have a very poor quality. Another was seen after, but has a better quality. It seems the first two ones were really the prototypes, because some parts are not molded the same way on the second one. They are not official product. Very few units seems to exist, maybe less than 100.
Prototype Sea Panther One Blox The second Sea Panther, for Winter Wonder Fest 2007 (25 february). Only the box is seen now. It is probably a resin kit like the first one.
HMM customize parts 001 Metal gold teeth and pilot for the Kotobukiya Shield Liger, released to 200 units at Wonder Fest Winter 2007 (25 february).
Shark Liger Special Armor Another resin kit sold at Wonder Fest (don't know which one yet).
Zoids Generation Hebby Rhimos and Houndsoldier Released at a convention the 18 August 2007, in the following of Blue Souga and Rez Tiger.
Rapto Caesar It is ugly, and released at WHF 2007. A combinaison of Neo Blox parts, with the advantage that there is the very limited CP03 from the LB Darkhorn with him.
HMM customize parts 002 Gold teeth for Kotobukiya Command Wolf, sold at WHF 2007, with also a clear canopy.
Assualt Sea Panther One Blox Released the 12 august 2007, at WF.
Cannon Tortoise One Blox Maybe released the same time than the Assault Sea Panther.
Liger Red Hiou The 4th Dengenki Hobby Magazine edition, released in january 2008.
HMM parts for Blade Liger and Genosaurer Released in the begining of 2008.
One Blox Snakes Released by February Hill in the begining of 2008. There is in fact two Zoids inside the box.
One Blox Snakes 2 Released probably at Wonder Fest Summer 2008. It seems there is only one version inside this box.
One Blox Malder Released at Wonder fest 2008, by February Hill.
One Blox Dark Malder and purple Sea Panther Those two were seen at Wonder Summer Fest too, but none was seen after.


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