All the Zoids here come from the new line. I don't know if there were prize from the original Zoids, I never heard of something like that. Those Zo´ds here are existing in very few quantities (only one for certain), and are very hard to find, it's even nearly impossible. The contests were sometime custom contest, sometimes drawing, sometimes somthing else.


Gold Shield Liger From a Corocoro contest, in autumn 1999. 1 item.
Ambush Horn A repaint Redhron, for the Corocoro suscribers. Around 10 items
Snow Zilla A repaint Gojulas for the Corocoro suscribers. Around 10 items
Chrome Blade Liger A black chrome version, released in spring 2000. A silver version, a blue version and a gold version too were released. It seems the silver version, blue version and gold version were existing in 100 units each, and 300 for the black
Chrome Genosaurer Red chrome, released the same time than the chrome Blade Liger. It is supposed also to exist as a Silver or a gold version. The silver is existing at 300 units, and 100 for each of the other versions.
Gold Deathsaurer Corocoro contest from 1999. 1 item.
Darkhorn The same contest than the gold Deathsaurer. Prize 2 to 10 : 9 items.
Chrome CP 17 - 20 - 21 A Tomy contest, after the release of Liger Zero and his CP, in 2001.
Cristal Zo´ds Three Zo´ds that could be won with the Z-Points. 100 Cristal Saurer, 200 Cristal Horn, 1000 Cristal Molga, in Japan. There was a second release in Singapour, which made those Zo´ds easier to find. The only difference between the japanese and singapour Zo´ds is that the singapour boxes are all blank, and the japanese are written on them. There were also Cristal Molga released in Australia, given with Zaber Fang and Shield Liger. A third releases of Cristal Molga happended in late 2005 in Singapour.
Red Leostriker Prize at a custom contest, in 2003.
Red Matrix Dragon Prize at the same custom contest than the red Leostiker.
Blue Seismosaurus Prize at a custom contest, in 2003. 300 units, but there was a second release in 2006 (without possibility to know if those are part of the 300 or are ading themselves to the 300).
Blue Styrarmor Prize at the same contest than the blue Seismosaurus. 300 units, with the same second edition.
Red Zabinca Prize at a custom contest in 2004. 300 units.
Red Whitz Wolf Prize at the same custom contest than the red Zabinca. The both can be assembled to do a red Whitz Tiger. 300 units.
Green Parablade Prize at a custom contest in 2004. 300 units.
Green Death Laser Prize at the same custom contest than the green Parablade. The both can be assembled to do a green Dekalt Dragon. 300 units.
Infinity Kanon Mirage Liger A new version of Mirage Liger, with a blue CP and pink instead of red, and the legs and body with colours reversed compared to the Yuji Kaida Mirage Liger. released in late 2004, contest prize at a lucky draw at a convention (see details in the link). 300 units produced.
Shikkoku Gairyuki Shin Prize at a Fuzor contest, in the begining of 2005. 300 units.
Black Evoflyer Prize at a the same contest, in the begining of 2005. 300 units.
Ghost Zo´ds Those were sold on ebay, nobody knew nothing about them. They were supposed to be european very limited versions, maybe give away items. The box of the Zabre is plain white, with the Tomy logo on it.  The battery cover of the Shield Liger is written "Tomy Thailland", like the Zoids2 and the re-released of 1999. Recently, we saw a Krark/Salamander from this serie. In that case, it is not a red Zoid but the blue version. Informations came after on Pheno's forum (thanks for the person who gave them). It is only recently that we learnt their name : the Ghost Zoids. Another strange thing : a Ghost Republic Customize Set from the OJR is existing too.
Zpoint Holo Murasame Liger and Reddler The second Zpoint contest will occur in 2006. 100 Holotech Murasame Liger and 400 white Reddler (the one that was supposed to be a regular release) are to be won.
Full Posable Murasame Liger 1/72 Japan Network Mail-order by Tateishi in June 2006. All in resin.
Gold Murasame Liger This one could be won at a Corocoro Murasame Liger evolution contest, in 2006. 10 are produced.
King Gojulas This one can be won at a ZI-1 Grand Prix 2006, an official custom contest. This King Gojulas comes from an old stock, and is not a reissue.
KFM Flexible Murasame Liger Japan customisation contest 2006, only one exist.
Gold chrome CP 04 A prize released the same time than the chrome Blade Liger. 100 units too.
Chrome OJR Zoids Some Zoids in OJR box can be spotted, which are chrome contest prize. There are known for now a gold Hellcat, a gold Hammer Rock, a gold Twin Horn and a silver Pteras. A gold Orudios was seen too, with other chromies that don't seem to be LEO work. Nothing is known about them.
Legend Blox Darkhorn A prize at a lucky draw. You have to send either two barcodes from LBZ01-06/NBZ01-08 plus two barcodes from CBZ series or one barcode from NBZ09-12, which give you the right to participate to the lucky draw.
Chrome Shield Liger This one is also a contest prize, maybe from the same time than the Genosaurer and Blade Liger, but nothing is sure. Same thing for the number of piece. It has a normal box, and not a white one.


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