Here is the biggest custom I ever made. It was an idea that began with this drawing I made :

And the building of the Zoid came after. The harder part was to find pieces that could fit, and trying to make them stick together without breaking the Zoid. And it is very breakable, you have to be two to carry it. Here are some details:

The grey part is a Naboo fighter with minor transformations, the red part is the command center, made with a CP11. Three pilots in the head, two in Trooperzoid heads and a third commanding two too upon them.

Before the assembly pf the head. You can see a Scavenger engine : this Zoid can move.

Details on the command center : the cockpit can open, with the grey rear part entering the canopy, and revealing the three pilots.

Just to show you the "EPZ 07" sticker. For me, a Zoid I create is always an OJR or OER one, not a new.

A close look at the eye (thanks Jeroen for the photo). Each eye has a pilot too (which makes a total of 5 pilots for the Zoid) sitting in a Trooperzoid/Scorpozoid seat, commanding a defense turret under the seat. I wanted to make the glass open, but it was impossible and I gave up. But I'm very happy of this idea, and that it was possible to do it.

Just a little size comparizon to finish. 120 cm long ! This Zoid participated at the ZIB 2004 sea custom contest, and finished 1st ex-aequo.

Now the story :

        On Nemtu, the red Zoidaryans from Serna launched their first attack with this Zoids. Nemtu was a planet of seas and islands. There was no large mainland, all the life and the Blue towns and installations were on those islands. Kraken was there to take possession of the seas, and to attack the surface without encountering any resistance. His large tentacles could make big damages on the coast installations, or could entirely destroy the bridges between two islands, something that was built a lot on Nemtu. He could also surface and attack towns with his long range weapons, with the help of surprise, and sure to be out of touch of the towns defenses. Kraken and his crabs army was ruling the seas.

The full story here.

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