Again an old drawing that comes to life, and an important one. I had the idea to make it for a long time, but I didn't take the time before, even if it is not a difficult custom to do. Ardeosaurus Red was supposed to be a Spinefin MK2, so I had to use the same body, and the same head. But for the rest, I wasn't knowing what could fit. For example, it took me lot of time to find the red armor plates on the legs, even if they are Spinefin ones. The animal is an old dinosuare, an ardeosaure.

        I had to respect a lot of things from the drawing : the way the legs were put, like Spineback, the head had to have a grey hemlet, the guns had to have the same shape, at the same place, and something that was in my mind when I drew it : he has green transluscent part in the body, with an opening part and seats and pilots inside.

        The tail is from Spinefin too, but all customized, and I made it longer. This tail had to be in the continuity of the body, it is not what was succed the better way.

        The opening parts. The head, it is known, it is Spinefin head. For the body, It took me a lot of time to choose too. I wasn't sure of what could fit, and how to open it, with a system solid and that will not brzak at the first use.

        A close view of inside the body. The hardest thing in this Zoid : how to cut the green transluscent part at the exact shape, and how to fix it. In fact, all the rest was easy. This was the only difficult thing I encountered, because the piece was diffcult to do, and because it was an imperative of this Zoid : to have a command center with green glasses inside the body. But I managed to do it.

        The Zoid is Spinefin based, and even if the legs are reversed, he can still move : SEE HERE.

        And this Zoid even has his own box (thanks to Grimm's excellent work !


        Now, some step of the building :

        And the drawing, made around 1991, where we can also see Nephrops, Stegomya and Agrion. There we can already see several details that were kept on the custom, even if the green transluscent part on the side of the body is not well seen, I made it on the drawing, this was a part that I had in my mind, this Zoid had to have a command center inside the body with pilots and green transluscent glasses. The only thing that was not kept is the colour of the stickers. Red on the drawing, yellow on the actual kit.


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


Now the story :

        On Nemtu, after the first attack of the Red Zoids. As Kraken and his crustacean army was ruling the seas, a ground force was needed, to strike on both side of the planet. Ardeosaurus Red was created by Zavenga to lead the ground army, that destroyed several town before a Blue counterattack could be launch. Ardeosaurus Red and his army were a fierce ennemy, until he was destroyed during the massive attack on the Red archipelago by NeoZilla and the Blue Zoids.

The full story here.

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