Another old drawing coming to life. Agrion was a little insect Zoid I did in the past, supoosed to be between the White-Head and the Zoids like Trooperzoid. So not something very evolved, or detailed. That's why, for example, I kept a White-Head cabin.

        The wings were the longer part to do, because I had to paint transluscent plastic for them. They are not as good as I wanted. Too dark, and not really transluscent. But I kept them like that. Next time, I will try another method.

        Now, the parts I used for this Zoid, not much things in fact, he is really simple.

          And the drawing where he is appearing. The result is not as identical, but it is good like that. Small like an old small Zoid, not a White-Head, but not far from it. The blue is not the real blue of the old blue Zoids, but I wanted a blue a little more lighter. I will probably keep this colour for other customs.


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


Now the story :

        Agrion and Grantulla MK2 were two old Zoids whose purpose was to protect the planet Nemtu, that was living in peace for centuries. When the Red Zoids attacked, the Blue were only preparing a sea assault, they were not able to bear the power of the Red army on the ground. Grantulla MK2 was destroyed, and Agrion survived thanks to his ability to fly. Soon after, the Blue Zoidaryans created other flying Zoids like that, fast and able to escape from Ardeosaurus Red forces. Agrion was destroyed during NeoZilla attack on the Red archipelago.

 The full story here.

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