I made the MK2 before the MK1, but as long as the two are done... It is a crab type, a small one compared to Zeherl MK1. Strangely, it is this one that I drewthe first. I made in fact several drawing of crabs, all looking like Zray. In my mind, the shape of this Zoid had to be like Zray. If there had been an OER crab, it should have been like this one.

        I took a Zray body for this one, it was obvious that I was going to use this body. But the hard thing was to find parts that could fit around, and make a real round armor. It is this armor, the head, that was the most difficult to do. Not the building, but choosing of parts, trying to see if it could fit, if there is no hole in the shell, and so.

        The claws took me a lot of time to find the good parts too. I had several possibilities, and I choosed one maybe a little far from the original drawing, but not bad.

        Now some step of the building, in fact when I was trying to gather the parts.

        To finish, the drawing, an old one, older than the comic I made. In fact, I did this first drawing, but I reused the idea after for Zeherl MK1. It is only recently that I choosed to add this one to the story, that became the MK2.

        The sole drawing of Zeherl MK2, at the bottom of the drawing. You can see several differences : the claws, the gun that I didn't keep, the details I added on the shell, the little back guns that are not the same... in fact, this one was the first crab type I drew, and was a prototype of several crab Zoids I did after, so I didn't exactly respect his design, but it is not bad like that. Maybe bigger than preview.

        Now, this Zoid even has a box ! (thanks to Grimm's work)



        This Zoid participated to the Zoidfans 2007 sea contest and finished 4th.


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


The story :

        Zeherl MK2 was created on Serna just after his brother Zeherl, when the Red Zoidaryans, who had already created the first Zeherl, realized that Nemtu, the planet they deceided to invade, was a water planet, and that sea Zoids were going to be essential. He was ligther and faster than the first Zeherl, and took part in the first wave attacking Nemtu, with Sea Spider and Seish, under the command of Kraken.

The full story here.

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