This is the first Zeherl, even if it was the second I drew. Curiously, Zeherl MK2 was drawn before, but I only create a story for it far after the first Zeherl. It is a crab, with the same overall design than the MK2, which is looking like Zray, but it is bigger, thicker, and not done the same way at all, with not the same parts. The use of Killer Dome head was obvious for me, because the head had to have this shape, but I was needing two, cut and glue to form the all head.

        This Zoid is articulated, the legs, the arms and a little the pincers (the use of Blox !). Even if it is supposed to be only a Super Zoids, it is far bigger, and has a size that can match with Zoids like Storm Sworder or Lighning Saix.

        A rear view. I used only stickers from the Zenebas Memorial Set, to keep the very old OER design intact.

        The two Zeherl. There you can see that the MK1 is bigger and thicker, where the other was supposed to be more flat. Maybe the MK1 is the one I'm prefering.


        Some step of the building now :

        In the story, Zeherl is part of Iron Kong MK3 army, while Zeherl MK2 went on Nemtu under the order of Kraken. Here is the drawing done in 1997, that was a lot used in the comic :

        There you can see that I stayed close to the design. I kept the guns on the pincer. Something I didn't keep on Zeherl MK2.

        This Zoid participated to the Zoidfans 2007 sea contest and finished 3rd. 

The full story here.

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