This one comes too from a drawing I made 15 years ago, an acari type. The first idea was to make a small Scavenger (the name "Zavenga" is a transformation of "Scavenger"), but when I began building it, the design changed to become a Zoid brother of Sea Panther. In the Zoids line, there was some red Zoids that were matching very well together : Slitherzoid, Slime, Z-Ray, Sea Panther, and the giant one, Red Scavenger. All of them are Zoids with a big grey armor all around their body, with some gimmick inside like hidden guns, and are to my mind the best Zoids design in the OJR and OER line. Zavenga was supposed to belong from the same familly. I even used OER red Zoids stickers for it.

A side view. The engine is a Slitherzoid one, and the main body is two Berserk Führer leg armors stuck together, with a lot of small parts on them to decorate (parts taken from other Zoid). I kept the radar, but I moved it on the top instead of the front of the body. It is put on an Elephander big trunk radar. It should have been a Canon Tortoise radar, but I changed it for a Scorpozoid one, matching more with the place where it is put. You can see here the little wheel that maintain the Zoid up when the trailer is removed.

The trailer can be removed, like the original Scavenger. It is made of three parts in plastic that I create myself (impossible to find elsewhere), with four Spinosabber parts under (the red) to look like Scavenger wheels. There is two axes under with three wheels on each.

Carrying Zoids ! A small size Zoid can fit on the trailer (it is what it was supposed to be done for).

The drawing I made 15 years ago. In the first shoot, it was more looking like Scavenger, and it didn't have the regular head of red Zoids, but one looking more like Scavenger. There are still details that I kept from the drawing. By the way, there is a part from Scavenger that I used on this Zoid. Which one ?

Now, this Zoid even has a box ! (thanks to Grimm's work)

Two more photos to finish : with Sea Panther, and one with his grand brother, Red Scavenger. This Zoids was participating at the Pheno custom contest 2006, and finish 8th.



This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


The Story :

        Zavenga was sent on Nemtu by the Red Zoidaryans in the second and last wave of Red Zoids. He was here to create a Red factory on the planet, and to build the army that was going to fight against the Blue Zoidaryans that were living on Nemtu. His headquarter was placed on a vast archipelago that was cleaned of all Blue life by Kraken, to create a Red side on the planet. With Zavenga, the Red army could live on her own, without the help of any Zoidaryan.

        The Red Zoidaryans of Serna created Zavenga in memory of Red Scavenger, which was recorded to be one of the most succes in the Zoids machine war, the only one able to repair or even build new Zoids, without the help of a Zoidaryan.

The full story here.

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