Another zoid from the story I made in 1997 - 98, an important one for the story, that deserved a special work on it. The most important thing is that there are very few Zoids part on it, and even few toy parts. The majority of the part are my own creation, because it was impossible to find the parts I need somewhere if I wanted to stay close to the drawings I made.


    Closed, and open. It was too simple to do this Zoid static, and not interesting, so I decided to do opening panels, and it works well. And most of all, it was necessary to the articulations. Static panels will have annoyed the articulations.


    And another thing I wanted to do : an articuled Zoid. It can be articulated from the right to the left. This means it has no engine, but it is at least on wheels and can roll.


    And of course, the head can open. I made a seat inside for the little pilot (silver of course).


    A rear view, where you can see the thrusters, and that it has a lot of red parts, even if it is not seen outside.

    With Slitherzoid. It is Slither who inspire me for it. You can see the size comparison.

    To finish, one of the drawings I made of it in 1997. It is a Merioterix type, one of the character appearing the most in the story, oftenly based on Zoidstar as the eyes and mouth of Iron Kong MK3. He is sometimes coming back to Serna to report what is happening on the Zoidaryans homeworld.

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