Zaphnir, an hydra type, seen in the 1997 comics I did. This character was appearing oftenly (before beeing destroyed). I had in mind the way I had to make it, I was knowing the parts I wanted to use, only minor problems were coming to my mind... well, it was supposed to be easy to do, I was just missing the occasion. But when I started, I made it in two days.

        It is a three headed Zoid, a chimera, looking like an old hydra from the mythology. I wanted to respect the drawing I made of it, which was an OER red Zoid. Several things had to be respected : the front gatling, the necks taken from Zaton/Zunder style, that were  not supposed to be straight right on the body, the insect like legs, with strange feet bearing claws, the red guns and spikes... I thought very fast of a Mantazoid body and legs, then the shape was looking like the drawing. After came the problem of attaching the three necks.

        A front view, to see the three heads.

        A rear view, the tail was maybe the most difficult part to do, because even if making those armor parts is not difficult, making them hold on the tail is not easy. You can't really know what it will looking like before sticking them. And after it is stick, if you want to correct something...

        Another front view, from under. Impressive heads, in fact...

        Two step of the progress. the first photo was done after only one day of work. The second was just after the final building.

        Now the drawing. Even if the custom is not excatly like that, I managed to keep all that I wanted from the drawing, and the shape is the same. I did two in colour, and I choose one of those two, even if I'm still thinking the both would have been good (anyway, the colour were silver and wine red, like the OER Red Zoids in both case, only the place was changing). Zaphnir was part of Iron Kong army to reconquer the lost Zoidaryan Empire.

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