This one wasn't a priority at all, but some events made that I built it. Threel is a Zoid I used in my 1997-1998 comic, but very few, and it was not an important Zoid at all. On the contrary, it was a Zoid I did to fil a gap, because I was needing one, and with a design not terrible. So this one wasn't realy a priority. But when the Racing Contest was announced at Phenotype, I had first this Zoid that came to my mind, to do a pursuit Zoid. But, because it was a poor design in the begining, I had the idea, to be more creative, to do it as a Blox.

        So it is an OER Blox. The challenge was to do a Blox which was looking like an OER Zoid. In that case, the main body is made of Blox, the legs are articulated with Blox joint, the tail too, and I had to put a clamshell head on that. The rubber parts for articulations had to be grey, to reminfd the OER grey caps.

        This Zoid is now a little more interesting than the original drawing I did, which was searching his origin in Hellrunner design. It is now poseable, articulated, and I managed to put a peg to hold the head, so it is articulated too.

        The big "ears" are the parts where there was the most work, because I had to cut a lot inside Zabat wings to do that, and to be careful of the joints. In the begining, it was not supposed to be transluscent parts here, but Red insignas. But seeing the ears before painting made me think of putting transluscent parts here. Those ears were something I wanted to keep, maybe the most important part of the Zoid, and it took me time to find a part that could fit here.

        An assembly before the painting. It is the good thing with Blox, you can see how it will look like before having to paint and glue everything.

        Just after the painting, and before the final building. There it is really looking like a Blox.

        The drawing... I managed to stay very close to it, but you can see it was not a really good Zoid in the begining. In the story, he was belonging to Iron Kong MK3 army. Several Hellrunner like Zoids were made in the new Red army : Threel, Mera and Vertex.


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