If Hydrazoid was mutating in red, what could be the result ? Here is something looking like what could be a red Hydra. The idea I have was to do a red Hydrazoid, but even if I kept the engine and main body, there are a lot of changes. Most of all the design is no longer a white head one, even if it is keeping the old desing of the OER red Zoids.

A lot of parts were taken from several Zoids : Elephander, Berserk Führer and Tyrann, Liger Zero and of course Hydrazoid. A lot of work was done on the float. They had to be more square and lower than the original ones from Hydrazoid.

A rear view, to see the jet thrusher behind each float, to improve the speed when needed.

The little plus of this Zoid, when I found parts for the float, I managed to do opening panels with torpedos inside. Funny. I was not preview in the begining, but I'm happy that this happended.

The first drawing I made of this Zoid, in 1997. I used it in a story where red Zoids were coming back, trying to rebuild the red Empire. Stundra was one of the Red Zoids living on Zoidstar after that the Red Zoidaryans re-discovered their homeworld and began to install some of their Zoids on it.

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