A variation on Spineback. The new Red Empire first replaced Spineback by Gorder, a Zoid from the same type, but lighter. After was preview this one, Saren, more heavely armoured and armed. This one wasn't use in a story, on the other hand Gorder was.

        The most important work was on the back black part, which was really hard to find (and I didn't find something exactly conform to the drawing) and had to fit with the legs mecanism that is taller than the Zoid body. So I took two Black Rhinos back parts (with one cut), with rodo´de, and green transluscent parts (it's always useful to keep the transluscent sprues). I managed to keep the red gun inside (it was something I wanted to keep), but it is no longer on the front of the sheel.

        The original drawing didn't have colours, and when I had to choose, I wasn't seeing him as a regular red Zoid, so it was given the colours of the Storch/Twinhorn Zoids like, with bright red, black, yellow insigna and green-blue caps. I also put grey guns on it.


        The unique drawing existing, were we can see that the back part was different, and was supposed to be a shell, and the gun inside was in the front and not behind. The rear legs also have changed of orientation, to keep the Spineback mecanism. The rest is similar to the custom. I had the chance to have an unknown part that could do the curved tail.

    With Twinhorn and Storch, the three to have this colour scheme.

The story :

       Saren was created after the big raid of the Blue army on the Red archipelago. Zavenga needed new Red Zoids, for ground and water, and he created a Zoid-like Spineback to be a ground unit, to support Zoids like Maruvian.

The full story here.

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