The idea was, "I have a bunch of Deathstinger carcass, what can I do with them ?". The idea of a centipede came, but it is a cloporte (pillbug) that I did. The same time, the idea of a big sea Zoid, able to carry other like Scavenger came to me (it was the same time than when I was writting the story of the sea planet Nemtu) and I got the image in mind of a big centipede like Zoid traveling on the seas, carrying other Zoids from an island to another. Now, the choice of the animal was simple, I stayed in the crustacean familly, for the cloporte is a crustacean.

        The building was not easy, but the Zoid gained in solidity. There are two Deathstinger bodies linked (the link is under the central black armor plate). It has 14 legs, but it can't move any longer (nothing to link the batteries pack, and linking the two engine would have been to problematic). This Zoids is using more orange tranluscent parts than the others I made, because they are here to complete the armor parts. It was funny to see how the Deathstinger arms were fitting so well as antennaes.

        Carrying several Zoids. The four Scavenger plates offer a big space for big Zoids. I managed to put the Attack Zoids on it too, at specifical places.

        He has a special place for Krhill, upper than the body, at the same level than the back plates. In the begining, it is Segmentia that was supposed to be here, but this last one was too big.

        The back of the Zoid, under the plates. He has a special place for Segmentia, where he can be launched directly under the sea. Krhill is not belonging to Pscaber, he has a special seat, but only Segmentia is part of Pscaber, as his little defense vehicle.

        The head. I didn't choose to keep Deathstinger seat, but I put two white heads cabins to be the eyes of the Zoid. This Zoid has only those two pilots. It is an idea I had in the begining, doing little seats or cabins at the front of the Zoid, and not a main command center like Guaruder or Kraken.

        The entire crustacean army. Now I'm needing to complete it with surface Blue Zoids.

        Pscaber is not coming from an old drawing (it is rare !). It was really created when the Nemtu story began, when I imagine a big Zoids carrier that was traveling on the seas.


Now, some steps of the building :

        This Zoid participated to the second PI online contest, and finished third.

The story :

        After the installation of the Red Zoids on Nemtu, and the building of the Red factory, the Blues needed to have a Zoid to travel and bring surface Zoids from a place to another. He had to be very fast, and enough big to carry NeoZilla. Pscaber was created. He is not carrying heavy weapons, only little defense torpedos, but it is not an Zoids made for war, only to carry others. His best defense is his high speed, that can match with Kraken, and the little Segmentia that he is always carrying. Pscaber is the most of the time joined with NeoZilla, as he is nearly his personnal vehicle.

 The full story here.

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