It is not a lobster, it is what we call in France a langoustine. It was supposed to be a lobster in the begining, but when I built it, it was thiner and longer, so it became another animal.

        It was not a difficult custom to do, only the head asked a lot of work. It comes from a drawing made in the begining of the 90ies, drawing that I am now using for customs, and I even made a story for those Zoids now.

        The arms are articulated, it is one of the advantage brought by the blox part : doing good articulation without glue. The Zoids can roll too, it is a Slitherzoid body inside it. But I didn't put the part that makes the tail move, it was useless for this Zoid. The colour scheme is inspired from the OER line of 1986-87 : the Blue Zoids were coloured in black and grey, with blue caps and orange canopies. I always loves this colour scheme, the one I'm prefering in the Blue Zoids line. So my Blue customs will mostly look like that.

        I used Slitherzoid parts, so I had to do opening panels with weapons inside. It would have been too simple to do only a Zoid with that shape, and that's all. Here are torpedos...

        And here is a pilot inside another section of the tail. I didn't glue this part to make it open for the pilot.

        The head is a Zabat one (retooled), that can open and also has a pilot inside. It is there that I worked the most, because I had to find something that could fit to be the head, and when I found it, to hole it so a pilot can stand in this way, and after I had to fix it to the body, and the same time fix the articulations of the arms, and try to be sure that al of this wasn't going to touch the wheels and annoy the movments. There is two pilot for this Zoid.

        The sole drawing made of it, between 1988 and 1991 I think. The shape wasn't exactly the same, most of all the head, but it was because I wasn't very aware of the shape of a real lobster, I corrected that on the custom.

Now, this Zoid even has a box ! (thanks to Grimm's work)


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


The Story :

        Nephrops was created on the planet Nemtu in answer to Kraken threat and his crabs army that was ruling the seas. He could also fight on the ground, and was very helpful when the Red army launched an attack on the ground too, because the Blue Zoidaryans weren't prepared to encounter Zoids in the seas and on land the same time.

The full story here.

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