My big project of the end of the year, the idea I had in mind for a long time for Zoidspoison contest : NeoZilla.

        Again, the idea was coming from a drawing, an old drawing which had no history, and that gained one in the begining of 2007. The idea was something bigger than ZoidZilla, standing on two feet, without the help of his tail (something impossible for me in 1991, when I was only knowing the OER line), and that was supposed to be the new Blue Leader. After that, the challenge was big to succes this one.

        The body is a ZoidZilla one, with Giga parts on it. The neck is a mix between Lightning Saix and Shadow Fox bodies. For the head, I had in the begining the idea to use ZoidZilla one, but I choose after a Giga one, better proportionnate, and looking more like the drawing.

        In the begining, he was supposed to be all articulated, but the weight made that impossible. So I had to glue the legs to make it stand, and same thing for the neck. At least, the head, gun and tail are articulated (and the neck a little). But it is now static.

        A side view. There, maybe I stuck the legs with the body bending a little too much, but it looks more meaning like that. He is loosing a little of his size in this position, but it is big anyway. It was one of my goal : something big.

        The back gun had to be very closed to the drawing, so it took me a lot of work for it. He must have a cabin, and by chance, Canon Spider has exactly the one I was needing : round, with a green canopy. This Zoid has the old OER colour scheme black/grey/blue caps, but for him, I choosed green canopy instead of orange (an inovation for me in 1991). Green transluscent parts are also seen in the leg armor, and in the body (were the motor should be). I had also to do the same grey turbine on the back than the drawing, I found that with a Storm Sworder body. And he has two "RBOZ-013" stickers, of course.

        Giga's head had a lot of advantages for this custom : it is enough big for the size of the Zoid, and not too much work was needed on it, but also, it has a clear transluscent canopy, that can be painted as I wish, and it had to be green. There was really not much changes on it, appart an articulation linking with the neck.

        NeoZilla carryed by Pscaber, the main purpose of this transport Zoid.

        NeoZilla facing his enemy in the story : Hanech. You can notice a little problem : NeoZilla now needs a stand. Between the first photos and those, one day passed. The day before he wasn't needing a stand, and now yes. Too bad.

        Now some steps of the building :

        The legs, with the feet, taken from ZoidZilla, with a lot of additions to make them bigger and longer.

        I put the part on the floor and made them stand a little to see the overall shape he will have. The final result is facing a little more down, because I glued the legs like that to the body. Maybe I will break the attach in the future and re-stuck them. With the stand, he is facing a little upper.

        The main body, with the turbine on the back, a part I had to do correctly.

        The neck with the arms, and the head in construction. The main gun was finished very early.

        And now the drawing, made in 1991 (if I'm not mistakening, it could be before), with the little Grantulla MK2, and what was going to become Hanech later :

        A lot of things had to be respected from the drawing : the main shape, the arms and hands, the size, the shape of the legs, with the black parts armor at the same place, the green canopy and parts on the leg armors, the turbine, the main gun, the two claw on each foot, and many more... When I drew this, it was impossible for me to see this Zoid in real one day, I didn't imagine something like that could be created. And now, it is done.

        Some size comparisons :

        Courageous Slitherzoid !

        This Zoid participated to the Zoidspoison 2008 custom contest and finished 6th.

        An update ! (february 2009)

        After a meeting with the cat, NeoZilla was needing some... repairs. I took this opportunity to straighten him. Now, he is not facing down anymore. On the other hand, I had to add a little thing to the stand, that wasn't high enough.


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.



Now the Story :

        After the attack of the Red Zoids on Nemtu, the Blue army was only able to strike back in the sea, but was lacking of ground Zoids, and Ardeosaurus Red army wasn't encountering to much resistance. The Blue were needing ground Zoids, and most of all a leader. The idea came very fast to do a new Zilla, the Zoidstar champion, to lead the Blue army. But this one had to be stronger, bigger, and wiser (ZoidZilla was too arogant and quick-tempered for the Blue Zoidaryan of Nemtu that were living in peace for a long time). Then NeoZilla was born, keeping the name of his ancestor. His first act was to launch a big attack on the red archipelago, to finish this Red threat one and for all. The attack was a succes (even if some few Red survived). NeoZilla even destroyed the terrible Kraken in his own element, in the sea. Only the intellingence of Zavenga was able after to build an opponent able to match with NeoZilla : Hanech.

 The full story here.

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