A varition on Scarab. The new Red Empire was needing another Scarab type, but Neo Curtis was less skilled in manipulation of the others than his predecessor, and revealed himself to be more brutal, far from the cold minded Scarab. I never used this Zoid in a comic, but it was planed.

       The building was easy, with an Hasbro Saicustis for base. A lot of things didn't change from the original Zoid, only the colours and some additions. The most signifiant thing is that it has a clamshell red Zoids head.


            The only existing drawing of it, where there was no front horn. It was added after, to change a little more the Zoid, and to add more ferocity and brutality to the Zoid.

        With Scarab, the two bettle brothers.

The story :

        One of Zavenga first creation, on Nemtu. The flying Zoids are the most useful on this planet of water, several were build on both side Blue and Red. The idea of Zavenga was to re-create Scarab, another very useful red Zoid that was able to make Blues mutate into Reds. But Zavenga wasn't able to give his Neocurtis this skill, and the Zoid that was born wasn't as intelligent as could be Scarab. It was in fact a semi-failure, because he gain a large better firepower than his grand brother.

The full story here.

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