This idea is coming from a very old drawing made in 1991, at a time when I wasn’t knowing the OJR line, so this Zoid is clearly an OER that takes place among the Zoids like Zabre, Zore, Zillon and co, with the same colour scheme than the 1987 Blue Zoids (black and grey, with blue caps and orange canopy), it is supposed to be a big langouste Zoid (an excellent crustacean !). Even if it is a RBOZ Zoid (he has “RBOZ 014” stickers), his aspect is more like an EPZ, with Gore and Deathsaurer parts I even used parts from a Zknight who had also the same shape like. For this Zoid, I had to create all the enginery, to make it move using a Sabre motor, it is the first time I was building the mecanism. After, all was built around his body. It has two body halves, like a real model, that are made with two big plastic parts wearing a lot of Zoids bits. The tail is made from a Deathsaurer one, and I wanted to keep the opening section with the little turret inside (even if it is opening like a Molga one now). It wasn’t difficult to find what could fit for the turret. It was more difficult for the tail. First, it was long for me to find what could fit, and after, the tail was long to reach my home. On the other hand, I had the good surprise that the tail was fiting better than expected in its place, with all part side by side at the right position (without having all the parts in hands at the begining), and that the overall looking of the Zoid gain really in good. There is a little plus that wasn’t imagined in the begining, the possibility to add Krhill inside Langosta. This idea came when I began to gather parts and to see how I will build it, and I remember that in the past, someone told me it could have been cool to put Seish inside Kraken, so I made it possible for this one. The head is not exactly what is on the drawing I made, but since the time I drew it, I learn how a real langouste was looking like. So I change the head to be closer to the real animal. I did also transluscent parts on it, done with painted transparent plastic sheet. It was on the drawing, it had to be on the Zoid. And I always loved transluscent parts on Zoids. This Zoid has 18 caps, which are Krark ones painted (it was supposed to be Zilla ones, but it was impossible to make them fit on the motor), and has 4 pilots (counting Krhill one). In fact, the idea of making Langosta came when I started Krhill.

        Krhill sitting inside Langosta, ready for a ride. It was not possible to do an opening part to put Krhill really inside the tail, but making a seat for the Attack Zoid was simple. He is sitting the head outside and all the tail inside Langosta. A little addition very funny that I had the opportunity to do. There are also the "RBOZ-014" stickers (made by Reprolabels, like the Blue insignas).

        The opening section of the tail with the turret inside. It is a Seismosaurus cabin, which was simple to use. The only difficult part was to create an orange canopy that wasn't existing. The canopy is in three little parts. I also use those orange transluscent parts for the three segments of the tail that can been seen on the photos above (on the Deathsaurer tail parts). The segment is opening like a Molga tail. The articulation is easy to do, but the measurement to do to have the part fiting perfectly was hard.

        The moving antennaes, which give the Zoid from a lenght of 60 cm. The antennaes change a lot compared to the drawing (seen below), because when I did the custom I took inspiration from the real animal that I am now knowing more. Then I did articulated ones, the same way than a real langouste. We can also see the front cabin on this photo, with the two little arms.

        A rear view, with the tail cabin. Maybe it could have been better, but it is good like that.

        Langosta, Nephrops and Krhill are the crustacean Blue army. Imagine if Tomy did that after the Zoids Zabre, Zillon and the others from the OER line...

        The drawing made in 1988-1991, the sole drawing of this Zoid, which didn't even had a name before the end of 2006. There are several differences with the real model made in 2007, but it is because I now know much more how a real langouste is looking like. But I kept several details : the torpedos (even if they are not at the same place), the transluscent orange parts (I had to keep them, it was an imperative), the opening section (even if it is not the same way, another imperative), and a little cabin at the front, that is in fact not the head, with two grey guns on each side, and two Blue insigna too (for me, the Blue Zoids have most of the time one insigna on each side of the cabin). There wasnot much work on the cabin, for I found a Blox one that pleased me. There was a big beam gun supposed to be on the right side of the head (the grey one), I even made one, but I didn't put it on the custom at the last moment. It was not good, I didn't fell it. We can also see on the drawing Sea Spider and Zeherl MK2 (futur custom, probably).

        For the first time I did a box art. It was funny.

        A little thing (5Mo to load !) : the moving of Langosta. It is slow, but it is moving.

        Now, some step of the building. I had in mind to do a moving Zoid, with an EPZ look (like Gore, Zabre and Deathsaurer), and most of all it has to be solid, enough strong to be hold, turn, and so, like a real Zoid. And he needed to have two body halves.

        This Zoids participated to the 2006 Phenotype custom contest and finished 2nd.


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


The story :

        Created to counter the Kraken threat, Langosta was all made to resist to the red squids in all situation. He can hide easely and attack with all his firepower without warning. It is also fast on the deep ground of the sea. He was the leader of the Blue army before the creation of Neo Zilla, a blue army which was in the begining only sea crustacean Zoids.

The full story here.

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