This one is a idea that came to my mind after winning a lot of 60 blox on Yahoo Japan. A cobra snake Zoids was seen as a drawing in the past, and I wanted to do mine.

    It is 140 cm long (longer than Kraken himself !), made of 59 blox and 112 connectors ! Those parts were long to find. All articulated, he can stand up. The segments of the body are made with PVC curtains parts, that were cut when we put the curtains in the house. I had a good idea keeping them. The "EBZ 05" sticker comes from Deathsaurer, I didn't have to create one for him.


Awoken... and not happy at all.


   The head, in lying position ,and standing. It is also articulated, I didn't want the head to be remove from the Zoid to be put in standing position, like what was done with Buster Eagle. So I managed to make everything move. You can see some details inside the head. He has a pilot, even if it was hard to make it enter inside an Unenlagia head (the poor pilot had his feet cut !). The seat is without roof, only green glasses were put on the side of the Zoid head.

Front view.

Rear view.

Poor Gojulas...

A little detail on the tail to finish, the name of the Zoid : Hanech.

   This Zoid participated at the Zoidpoison second custom contest in 2007 and finished 4th.


This Zoids is one from the 1989 line.


The story :

        Hanech was created on Nemtu, after the Blue assault on the Red achipelago, when Kraken was defeated. NeoZilla was a too big threat to stay inactive against it. Hanech was made first to be as efficient in the water than on the ground, and to be able to battle against NeoZilla. Even if he seems too thin and small, his strengh, speed and sneak ability made him a serious opponent to NeoZilla. Langosta was the first to learn Hanech power, and didn't survive to it.

The full story here.

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