If Zray was a giant Zoid, here is what it could look like. The new Red Empire created this Zoid for sea missions, where he could assist Kraken, but also for air or space flights. I used this Zoid in the 1997-98 story.

        In the begining, I had two options : build him the clooser possible to the drawing, which was meaning creating most of the parts, or trying to find pieces that could fit. And in fact, it is the second option that I choose, when I received a big lot of parts (from Jeroen, thanks !). I put on the floor some parts, without thinking it could do something : the wings of Salamander, the body and head of Deathstinger, a broken tail of Deadborder, and it did it ! After came the details.

        Originaly, I was seeing it with 3 or 4 pilots, and a command center inside the body. It was done : an opening command center, with two front pilots, a center superviser pilot, and a rear pilot for the engines. All in a confined and closed cockpit. I had to do some details on the side to make like if the cockpit was entirely closed, because of the moving wings.

        Choosing those wings gave an unespected movment to the Zoid : it can be in pursuit mode (wing closed) or in attack mode (wings open). The gatlings are moving the same time. But on the other hand, it changed the orientation of the wings (which changed the shape a lot) and the mecanism is entering inside the cockpit, which brought a lot of problems to close it.

        The canopy had to be ruby shaped like, I managed to do it. But this is a part impossible to find, so I created it. I took a rodo´de paper sheet (soft transluscent plastic) that I painted in transluscent red (with several layer to do an uniform colour) and I obtained a transluscent red paper sheet, like the one that was used on the Transformers tech spec. After, I took the other side of the sheet (the non-painted), cut it, bent it the shape I wanted, and it did the canopy. It is in two parts : the front canopy, and the upper part which is opening too with the grey part. But I didn't keep the transluscent long red part that was supposed to be in the center of the back piece.

        It has an "EPZ 09" sticker, and I wanted to keep the big red insigna on the back. So I asked Reprolabels to make it for me. A 25 mm high insigna.


        Here is the drawing used in 1997-98. There you can see the big differences with the original shape. Maybe that's why I'm not 100% pleased of this custom.

       With Zray, his little twin.

        A step of the building. I began with the comand center, because it was the part I really want to succeed.

The story :

        Initialy thought to be sent on the sea planet Nemtu, Guaruder was in fact put under the orders of Iron Kong MK3 for the conquest of the lost Zoidaryan Empire. Iron Kong MK3 asked to have this Zoid at his side, because he didn't want all the firepower to go on Nemtu, which was only a little planet, and he was aware that the conquest was going to need several big Zoids. Then Guaruder became one of Iron Kong MK3 lieutenant, and had the mission to re-conquer one of the 6 universe that was belonging to the Zoidaryan Empire.

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