In the past, we saw this thing :

Those could not be OER, for there was no customize set in Europe. So this set wasn't part of the Ghost Campaignin UK.

After, there were those two that appeared in december 2007 :

Nothing was known about them, they could have been some prize unknown from the UK campaign, but recently, we saw this Ghost Hammer Head. :

Then, it was clear this one couldn't be from the Ghost UK camapaign, it was something else. Most of all, the copyright on the Guysack and Command Wolf was saying China, like all the Zoids after 1999. So the explaiantion is that they are probably test shots, coloured like the Ghost Zoids (Now the question is, why are the Ghost coloured like test shots ?). This Hammer Head is laos a prototype, because the mold is a little different than the finale product. There are details that are not done on it, and the parts are not fitting well together. Another one was seen after, on sprues :

    All of this takes part in the GHOST THEORY.