This one was, like the others, appearing in a story I made in 1997 / 1998. It is not the most original and hard custom to do, but I had to do it, most of all with the opportunity I had to use a TDP Great Sabre reissue (it is supposed to be a Sabre Tiger MK3). I try to get as close as possible than the few drawings I made in the story, and for the colour, I had to choose, because I never drew one in colours. The colour had to be as the OER old zoids, that's why I kept the grey and dark red, but the problem was which parts were going to be in which colour ? And I remember it was never made with a grey armor, so I choose that.

Front view. He has a horn-gun on the nose. I know it can be strange, but when I drew the story, several Zoids had guns like that, and I wanted to keep this detail on the custom, even if it was not the better thing to do.

Another side view where you can see the "EPZ 08" sticker, I made a better view of it.


Now some picutes of the building, with the back main gun (it is there that I had the most work to do).


The very rare drawings I made of him. It is not a character that I used very often, in fact. Brutal Sabre was oftenly sent by Iron Kong MK3 in several universe to do each or each mission.

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