I was asked to do a custom for the Phenotype racing contest. Well, I know that there were racing, or championship Zoids in the new stories, but for me who is stuck to the OER story, it was really difficult to imagine to do something in that purpose.

        First, I had the idea to do a pursuit Zoids (that is in fact Threel), but then, I remeber that there were Zoids designed for speed in the OER line : the Power Zoids. I always thought the line should have more than two Power Zoids, so I did one.

        Well, I'm not pleased of the result. This is not my conception of Zoids. For me, Zoids are living beeings, fighting each others on a dead planet, not piloted machines to do races or I don't know which other thing. It was only to participate.

        This Zoid participated to the Phenotype 2007 racing contest and finished... very far behind.

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