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Welcome to my Zoids web site.


        I've been a Zoids collector since the begining, in 1983, when I saw the Zoids in a toys shop in my country, France, where we had the luck to have a big release of Zoids between 1983 and 1988. Each year I was gathering all that was released, and it is still the same 20 years after.

        But I'm not going here to present all the Zoids line (there are several good site that are doing that better than me). This site will be about limited, specials and strange Zoids that were released (or not) since the begining of the toys, in 1983.

        The first of all those model, and the most important to my eyes is the mythic Ultrasaurus Red, the european version of the first super giant Zoid, Ultrasaurus. One purpose of this site is to gather informations about him, and near that, about all the others limited and special Zoids that were made.

        I will try to list here all non-regular Zoids that are existing. There are chance that some will lack, but it will be the most complete that I can do. If you see mistakes, or if you have more informations, about an unknown model, about something listed here or about a mistake I made, fell free to email me.

        Nearly all the different Zoids lines have special items, they will be classified by line.


Limited from the old line Gojulas MK2 LTD, Blue King Gojulas, Green Mammoth...
Limited from the new line Yuji Kaida, Corocoro, video game, convention, Toy Dream Project...
Contest prize Zo´ds Custom contest, drawing contest...
Promotionnal, special Zo´ds Attack Zo´ds, Baratz, MZ, Zebra...
Legends and unknown models The legendary Ultrasaurus Red, Blue OER Mammoth, Canadian Technozo´ds...
Prototypes All the prototypes, and the differences with the regular models
Hasbro elusive models Black Seismosaurus, Limited Blade Liger, Leo Gator...
Chromed Zoids Nearly all from LEO Shop
Zo´dfans special Zo´ds All the Zo´ds done for the Zoidfans group
Store and convention display Paper advertising, big scale Zoids...

NEWS !!!!!

An new point of view on Ultrasaurus Red

A catalog with unknonw Robo Strux !

A new custom for the 2012 ZP contest : EBOZ 010 VEERL


        I will try to update the site with all the new non-regular Zoids that are out. I know that some mistakes will appear in this site. The photos from here are some from my collection, others from auctions and some from other sites (most japanese). Fell free to use those you want here.

        A new thing, that came to my mind. I don't recall seeing a site with all the OER line listed, with the boxes. So I made a page for this line, with the boxes. I know, it has nothing to do with limited Zoids, but this particular line deserves a place on my site. Please visite the OER PAGE.

        Just to show you, here is my entire Zoids collection, because I'm always happy to show it. Those photos are from june 2006, and I will try to make update oftently.

        Now that my customs are becoming an important part of my collection, I made a special page for them.

    And because it can help, here is my wanted list.

        About other Zoids site, I did a Zoids links section where I list some sites I'm finding good, a large part of them are from good friends. The first I can recommand you is our discusssion forum : Zoidfans.


If there is a mistake, a gap to fill, or a new limited Zoids not spotted yet, fell free to send me an email.

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