There was some non-regular released in the first line, in Japan of course, but in US too, and even in Europe. I didn't separate them here, because there are few of them.


Gojulas MK2 LTD Sold in Japan. It was customized with parts from the Republic customize set, and recoloured. Some can be seen from times to times on yahoo Japan auctions, but always at incredible prices. It was reedited in 2000 as Gojulas the Ogre
Iron Kong MK2 LTD Sold in Japan, Was also customized and recoloured with a custom set. It is also seen on yahoo Japan, and even a MIB one went on ebay. It was reedited in 2000 as Iron Kong PK.
Blue King Gojulas Sold in Japan, it was seen one time on yahoo Japan. Not much thing was known about him. We recently learnt that it was a contest prize from a japanese magazine.
Robostrux Glidoler Sold in US. It has no name, was sold in a bag instead of a box and is a recoloured Terrared.
Radio Shack Mammoth This one is from the compagny Radio Shack, which use the Zods during the eighties to make some promotion. It is identical to the japanese Mammoth, instead that the box and instructions are written "Zods Mammoth Kit", and it has written "Tandy" on the belly instead of "Tomy".
French green Mammoth In 1985, the year of release of the red european Mammoth, the french hypermarket Mammouth decided to release a Zod from them : a green Mammoth. In fact, this Zod is identical to the japanese, instead that it takes some details from the red Mammoth : it has Zenebas insignas and silver pilots instead of gold.


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